Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Obama Presidency: The Incredible Successfully Failing Presidency

The latest Quinnipiac Poll had the American people rating the Obama Administration as the worst since World War II. It would appear that we are looking at a failed Presidency. So why does President Obama seem unconcerned? Is this the second coming of President Lincoln or of Emperor Nero? He hailed the Arab Spring and pulled out of Iraq. An Islamist fanatic is seizing control of much of Syria and Iraq, and declaring a new Caliphate. An early act of President Obama was scrapping the missile defense program with Poland and the Czech Republic as an act of good faith to Vladimir Putin. He received nothing in return. Russia has now seized the Crimea, and President Obama offered MRE’s to the Ukrainians. The President wants immigration reform, but his open borders policy is flooding Texas with 52,000 children this year – to date. He rammed ObamaCare through Congress, but the implementation needs the crash cart. Job growth is anemic by historic standards, and the economy slipped last quarter. Four Americans died in Benghazi on 9/11 to a terrorist attack, but he blamed a video. He knows nothing about Fast and Furious, the NSA, and especially the IRS, which was a blatant exercise of Chicago Rules. The Bergdahl trade blew up in his face. So why is he unfazed? President Obama is succeeding in his goal of “fundamentally transforming America.” He drank deeply of liberation theology and the cant of the left. His vision of America was one of a racist, white, Christian, oppressive society. America was a militaristic society built on slavery and exploitation of minorities. America was built on exploiting the resources of the World. America’s military is used as the instrument of American imperialism. His vision of America was one in which “You didn’t build it.” His goal of fundamentally transforming America can only be achieved by smashing the existing America and then rebuilding it as a progressive utopia. Rebirth, like birth, can be painful. A failure? He beat the Republicans on the shutdown and used the Sequester to gut the military. He’s still cutting, or if you will, defanging or disarming America’s military. He has stacked the previously professional National Security Council with political hacks. Our military policy since World War II was to be prepared to fight a two ocean war. It’s down to 1½ and soon will have difficulty with one major war. He’s letting our nuclear weapons degrade, and now wants to retreat on land mines. His foreign policy was clear early in his Administration. He shattered our special relationship with England by returning the Churchill Bust. He stiffed and insulted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, and looked the other way as Iran’s mullahs crushed the students protesting the stolen election. His actions show that he clearly intends Iran to get the bomb. A failure? He's effectively closing Gitmo, step by step. A failure? Government healthcare is here to stay. The traditional private practice of medicine is a dinosaur. A failure? Gay marriage is here to stay. A failure? He impliedly vowed to destroy the coal industry. His EPA is doing so, and will continue to act against other fossil fuels. A failure? He’s forcing America to turn to green energy. A failure? He not only repealed the “Bush tax cuts on the rich,” but added more – on almost everyone. A failure? He used The Stimulus Act to save the jobs of public employees. A failure? He saved the UAW and their health plans and stiffed the private creditors in the process. A failure? His base of support is an army of the nation’s young Americans, especially young women, and people of color, while his older white opponents are declining and dying off. He believes that his core, Julia, is America’s future. A failure? He substantially increased Americans dependence on the government: food stamps, disability, ObamaCare, student loans. A failure? He believes the government is the source of jobs and wealth. A failure? Dodd-Frank is strangling the banks. A failure? He’s demonizing capitalism. A failure? Not as long as he has the Bully Pulpit. A failure? He's expanding the powers of the President, and shrinking those of Congress and the states. A failure? Not until the New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times declare him a failure. A failure? President Obama may be failing our America, but he is succeeding in his mind with his America. With 2½ years to go, President Obama is becoming the American Nero.

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