Friday, July 18, 2014

Mr. President, Where is that Global Tranquility?

How’s That Global Tranquility Thing, Mr. President? Josh Earnest, President Obama’s Press Secretary, answered a question last Monday about the ineffectiveness of President Obama’s foreign policy. He answered, that is spun, as best he could: “I think there has been a number of situations in which you’ve seen the Administration intervene in a meaningful way, that has substantially Improved the, uh, you know, the tranquility of the global community.” Where, Mr. President is that global tranquility? Gaza, Mamas, and Israel? The Asian Spring – Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tunisia? Iraq? ISIS/ISIL? Somalia Sudan Yeman Afghanistan? Pakistan? Kenya? Nigeria? Chad? The Central African Republic? Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador? Our Southern Border? Was there tranquility in the MRE’s offered the Ukrainians? Only if they were made out of pot. China-Vietnam? Chechnya? Uighurs? Is Marine Sergeant Robert Tahmooressi feeling global tranquility in a Mexican jail? How’s that Russia reset going? How’s the Apology Tour? Where’s the hope and change? We’re seeing the change, but where is the hope? Where is the global tranquility? Clearly on the 176 rounds of golf Clearly in 393 fundraisers with friendly audiences Clearly in high powered lunches and dinners with global mucky mucks Clearly vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii The Sea of Tranquility is on the moon. Air Force One as it circles the globe

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