Sunday, May 11, 2014

Tim Donnelly is a Walking, Talking Republican Disaster

June 3 is Primary Day in California. The Republicans will nominate their sacrificial lamb to be crushed by Governor Jerry Brown in the increasingly one party state. The outcome is not in doubt. Jerry Brown will be reelected even if he dies shortly before the election. The question is how big the Democratic margin of victory will be? A wipeout will result in the Democrats picking up more legislative and Congressional seats. A right wing, racist, venom-spouting Republican candidate will be catastrophic to the shrinking party’s chances of even preserving the status quo. Tim Donnelly, an Assemblyman from San Bernardino County, is such a Republican candidate. The firebrand is currently leading in the Republican polls, although none of the candidates are well known to the public. Donnelly founded the Minutemen Party of California in 2005 to fight illegal immigration at the border. His statements can be inflammatory. He spoke at a 2006 rally: “I am a descendant of Jim Bowie, who died at the Alamo. It is rumored that he took a dozen Mexicans to their deaths before they killed him. How many of you will rise up and take his place on that wall?” He continued “We are in a war. You may not want to accept it, but the other side has declared war on us.” He called the illegal immigration a false D0d wilmer & a False . Another classic Donnelly statement is “I thought the wailings we heard at night were the coyotes wailing at the moon.” He continued: “I didn’t know until later that those sounds were of women being raped in the Sonoran Desert, some less than 100 yards away from the border. There was absolutely nothing anyone could do about it. It’s something you never forget.” He wasn’t there. For all we know, it’s pure fiction. The Democrats will not have to rally their base if Tim Donnelly is Governor Brown’s opponent. The Assemblyman will do it for them. He could be the Todd Akin of California. He claims though not to be prejudiced. His wife is Filipina and his daughter-in-law is Mexican. His actions speak otherwise. TSA arrested him on January 4, 2012 for carrying a loaded gun onto an airplane. His main opponent in the California Primary is Neel Kashkari, an immigrant from India who is a Hindu. Neel was an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury when the economy collapsed during President Bush’s Administration. He played a major role in preserving the banking system. Had the major banks collapsed, which they were in grave danger of doing, then the United States and the global economy would have been facing a second great depression. Lehman Brothers, Bear Sterns and Wachovia failed. Merrill Lynch was teetering. Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and CitiBank would have been next. Many conservatives were opposed to TARP and the bailouts. Donnelly is one of them. Neel Kashkari delivered the introductory remarks at a 2008 banking conference, focused on informing our leaders about Islamic banking. Assemblyman Donnelly posted this statement on Facebook: “Given the recent stories and outrage of the discriminatory nature of Sharia law, we’re horrified that Kashkari would support Sharia anyhow.” Connecting a conference on Islamic banking to supporting Sharia is the type of statements a deranged person might make.

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