Wednesday, May 21, 2014

President Obama's Veterans Administration Statement Earlier Today

President Obama is outraged, outraged, outraged, not to mention madder than hell, which is stronger than VA Secretary Eric Shinseki, who is only mad as hell. The President wishes to get to the bottom of the Veterans Administration problem, which the President said should not be a political issue, eventhough he made a political issue of it during his 2008 campaign. He averred “When I hear allegations of misconduct … I will not stand for it.” Here’s the normal Obama Sequence of Scandal Resolution: 1) The sounds of silence for weeks 2) Hold a press conference and read his outrage from the teleprompter (TOTUS) 3) Postpone any decision until after a through investigation (and the election cycle) 4) Do nothing – not even a hashtag. Is it Déjà vu all over again? Fast and Furious? IRS? Benghazi? NSA? Justice Department harassment of AP and Fox News reporters? TOTUS has not provided answers to any of these. How do you know if President Obama is “outraged” in fact, and wants action to be taken: 1) He cancels a golf match; 2) He cancels a fundraiser; or 3) He postpones a vacation. President Obama delivered a moving address at the opening of the 9/11 Museum last week In New York City. He then went to the Upper East Side for two fundraisers when the ceremony ended. The real lesson of the VA Scandal is not the cooked books or the dead veterans, however shocking that may be. Nor is it the White House pattern of selective outrage followed by inaction. The American people have caught on. It’s that it proves the federal bureaucracy cannot run a national health system. Yet the Democrats want to go to a single payer, the federal government, for our healthcare. The VA has taken decades to prove, over and over again, that it cannot deliver health care to 5.6 million veterans with 152 hospitals, 400 outpatient clinics and 19,000 doctors. It’s approach to the patients is to ration care by delaying care. It paid out $91.7 million in malpractice claims in 2012 and $700 million since 2001. The VA also paid $150 million in 2011 as bonuses to VA healthcare providers, including, as we now know, administrators who were cooking the books. Even Congressional Democrats won’t fall on their swords for the President on the Veterans Administration.

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