Monday, March 24, 2014

Shills for ObamaCare

President Obama (He signed up for the cheapest D.C exchange plan, but he won’t use it) Michelle Obama (She won’t use ObamaCare) Kathleen Sibelius (She doesn’t even know what’s in the Act) Lady Gaga (Certainly not a reason to do anything) Pajama Boy (Rumors are he’s engaged to Julia) Roy Williams (Worry about March Madness) Gino Aurieimma (He will get the best of UConn medical care without ObamaCare)) Zach Galifianakis (Has ObamaCare become a farce?)) LeBron James (He will get the best of NBA Care) Richard Simmons (Whoever in Covered California thought he would appeal to the young????) Will Farrell (Always the comedian) Olivia Wilde Amy Poehler Connie Britton Ryan Secrest Pearl Jam Rosario Dawson Nsync Most Hollywood A List supporters of President Obama are avoiding ObamaCare like the plague AARP (ObamaCare exempts AATP’s MediGap policies) The late Andy Griffith (He has no need for it) Michael Hiltzik (The quasi-socialist business reporter for the Los Angeles Times) Never underestimate a community organizer!

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