Wednesday, March 12, 2014

30 Democrats Pull A Monday All-nighter for Hot Air

The Senate Democrats finally acted Monday Night. They filibustered themselves when there was nothing to filibuster. The majority filibustered the majority for nothing. The Harry Reid Senate Democrats could not, would not, pass a budget in four years, but they bloviated against climate change, otherwise know as global warming, They spewed out carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, with every breath they exhaled. The world’s greatest deliberative society became a generator of hot air. The Harry Reid Do-Nothing Senate proved yet again they could do nothing. America has seen classic filibusters. This one was a snoozer. It escaped much of the media. No great rhetoric; no quotable oratory; no memorable statements, no uplifting exhortations; no spellbinding, silver tongue orator; no Demosthenes; not many YouTube moments; just a snoozer. It took 30 Democrats to mount a 15 hour filibuster. Only one Republican, Ted Cruz, was needed to filibuster 24 hours, proving again that the Democrats are the party of excess. 30 Democratic Senators proved they had nothing better to do on a Monday night than generate hot air. 15 hours to say absolutely nothing. The Reid Democrats proved once again that talk is cheaper then action. All the Senate Majority Leader has to do is to bring a climate change bill to the floor of the Senate. He won’t because many Democrats oppose carbon restrictions. 13 Democrats joined 45 Republicans last year in rejecting a fee on carbon emissions. The Senate Climate Action Task Force, also known as The Climate Caucus, had a goal of raising public awareness of the urgency of climate change. Had they left the cocoon of the Senate in recent months, they would have noticed that Washington was freezing, as was Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, the Midwest, and much of the South. We used to call it global warning, but traditional, cold winters returned. Thus the rubric became climate change. The New York Times editorial on Tuesday, March 11 “The Democrats Stand Up to the Kochs.” Actually the Democrats kowtowed to Tom Steyer, a San Francisco hedge fund billionaire, who promised $100 million in campaign contributions to Democrats fighting for global warming legislation. Talk is cheap with a $100 million payout. Democratic Senators in difficult reelection campaigns boycotted the filibuster. The War Against Coal, part of the Obama Administration War Against Fossil Fuels, is an albatross around the campaigns of Southern and energy state Democrats. The earth’s climate has always been changing, ranging from ice age to burning inferno, from burning inferno to ice age. Politicians remain the same.

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