Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How Has President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Worked Out?

President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize 4 Years, Two Months, Two Days Later The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to President Obama on December 10, 2009 for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” How has that worked out? The Arab Spring Egypt: Military cracks down on Democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood Libya: A State of anarchy Tunisia Syria: 150,000 dead and millions of refugees in civil war How has that worked out? Afghanistan: Al Qaeda and Taliban poised to take over. Resubjucation of women will occur Bangladesh: Months of riots following execution of Abdul Quader Molla, an Islamist leader Bosnia-Herzegovinia: Racked by anti-government riost and 40% unemployment rate Central Arab Republic: Christians retaliating against Muslims Indonesia: Radical Muslim revolt and terrorism in Islamic nation Iran: Iran proceeding rapidly to the bomb, crushes student demonstrations Iraq: Shite and Sunni killing each other Lebanon: Three decades of riots and religious conflicts Nigeria: Islamic militants slaughtering Christians South Sedan: devastated by “internal conflict” since July 2012 independence Thailand: weeks of anti-government riots Ukraine: Anti-government riots fueled by leaders betrayal of the peoples in rejecting membership in the European Union and embracing the Russian Bear. Israel-Arab Conflict: No end in sight How has that Nobel Peace Prize worked out?

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