Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mark Sanford Receives Redemption in South Carolina; Is Anthony Weiner in New York Next?

South Carolina voters returned former Governor Mark Sanford to his former House Seat by a 54-45 margin over Elizabeth Colberg-Busch. Christians believe in Salvation and Redemption. South Carolina voters believe in Republicans. Charleston voters do not believe in liberal Democrats. Elizabeth tarred Mark with the scandal. Mark tarred Elizabeth with Nancy Pelosi, which is a four-letter word in Dixie. Democrats, sensing an upset, poured a fortune into the campaign for Steven Colberg’s sister. They saw a chance to steal a safe Republican seat and give national Democrats a morale boost. Congressman-elect Sandford won his old Congressional seat back with no support from the National Republican Congressional Committee. Liberals salivated. Republicans voted. Mark Sanford received political redemption and thanked God. Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer gets no redemption; bringing a New Jersey hooker to D.C. by train is too tawdry. Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and Barney Frank survived sex scandals. So did Chris Dodd, but the Countrywide mortgages were too big a cross to bear. Charles Robb survived Miss Virginia and her Playboy poses, but lost reelection the second time. Senator David Vitter of Louisiana was reelected to the Senate in 2010, the D.C. Madam being three years earlier. Former Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York may be seeking political redemption. He announced on Wednesday, April 10 that he was thinking of running for Mayor of New York City. He immediately polled second in the race, probably based on name recognition. Congressman Weiner was the frontrunner until his disgrace a year ago. Let’s look at Governor Sanford’s and Congressman Weiner’s transgressions. Remember Michael Corleone in the Godfather? He’s exiled to Sicily. The “thunderbolt” strikes him when he meets the Don’s daughter. He is smitten, deeply in love, losing all sense of reality. It is truly love at first sight. That is Mark Sandberg. The thunderbolt struck him as he eyed Maria Belen Chapur, “The Argentine Firecracker.” He lost it. He was blinded by love, losing touch with reality. The Governor, while supposedly hiking the Appalachians from June 18-24,2009, was traipsing around Argentina with Maria. So much for his family, his incredible wife Jenny and four sons. So much for the mummers about the Presidency or Vice Presidency. The Eagle Scout had met his soulmate in life. He threw it all away for Maria. True love - the thunderbolt. Congressman Weiner sexted his penis to a stranger, a woman who didn’t know him. He sent salacious messages to many women. He then lied to the public, claiming someone hacked into his twitter account and sent out the penis. Gross stupidity. The thunderbolt is understandable. We recognize that it can happen. One of the first stages of love is often to transcend the rational. The heart trumps the brain, not necessarily to the extent of the Governor, but we know it can happen. Sexting one’s private parts to a stranger is just plain bizarre. Even jaded and jaundiced New Yorkers can’t figure that one out. Whether it’s Bret Favre or Anthony Weiner, even if intoxicated or otherwise under the influence, the public will not accept it. It’s just sick. He resigned from Congress on June 16, 2011. He didn’t seek redemption. Instead the liberal became a capitalist advising business on the intricacies of navigating government. He moved from Queens to Park Avenue South. Jenna did not stand by her man. A pregnant Huma did. Congressman Sanford is back in Congress and engaged to Maria. He has found redemption. 2014 is looking good for Republicans.

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