Saturday, May 25, 2013

Anthony Wiener is Running/Streaking for Mayor of New York City

Mark Sanford won redemption and a seat in Congress a few weeks ago. Anthony Wiener, the former Congressman, is now seeking redemption and election as Mayor of New York City. Don’t go there! Don’t write about it? What can you add that New Yorkers haven’t said and punned? Probably nothing. But then came Wednesday’s Pittsburgh mishap. One problem is that Congressman Wiener cannot use “I Love New York” as his campaign theme. He sought counseling after the 2011 “problem” – in Texas. Anthony Weiner’s campaign, just two days out of the starting block, crossed the line, went nowhere a New Yorker has ever gone – not New jersey, but Pittsburgh. He ran an ad, standing in front of a cityscape – of Pittsburgh. “I Love Pittsburgh doesn’t cut it in New York.” Andrew Carnegie left Pittsburgh for New York City. Andrew Mellon went out to Long Island. New Yorkers love the bold and brash, the in your face attitude. Weiner has the cojones. Why can’t the state that gave us Eliot Spitzer give us Anthony Wiener? He is the only candidate for Mayor of New York, perhaps the only candidate in American history to serially sextext strangers. Even Bret Favre focused on one woman. How’s this for a campaign slogan: “A Naked Mayor for the Naked City.” We worry about the sincerity of politicians. No problem with Weiner – he’s totally transparent. He’s got nothing to hide – the only candidate who has let it all hang out, on the internet no less. He did initially lie, that is, misstate the origin of the Wiener Tweet, but he has seen the light. He seeks redemption. He offers the Big Apple the Full Monte. The ex-Congressman is campaigning for the middle class. He vowed to make New York City “The middle class capitol of the world.” He started by moving from working class Queens to a luxury apartment on Park Avenue. His focus is on the “outer borough strip centers.” The unabashed liberal’s suggestion for more affordable housing in New York is to tax multi-million dollar housing. He’s running hard. He does nothing half-ass, perhaps bare assed, but not half-ass.

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