Friday, March 1, 2013

Today is Sequestration Day

Have you noticed that today, March 1, 2013, is Sequestration Day The sun rose in the east and is predicted to set in the west. The sky is a crystal clear blue even in Los Angeles. The sky is not falling. Neither is Chicken Little. The planes are flying. The trains are rolling. Mass transit is operating as normal. Police officers are still patrolling their beats. Traffic cops are directing traffic. Traffic lights are working. Firefighters are fighting fires. Emergency responders are responding to 911 calls. Meter maids are issuing tickets. Doctors are treating patients. Schools are open and teachers are teaching. The post office is delivering mail. Broadway is lit up. Courthouses are open. Cable and satellite reception are excellent. The internet is up Bloggers are blogging. Bob Woodward is still talking and writing. Movie theatres are open. Electricity is on and water is flowing. The Dow Jones closed 15 points short of an all time high. Interest rates remain low. Home sales are rising. ATM’s are dispensing cash. Landlines and cell are working fine. Fraud is continuing in the federal free cellphone, Medicare, and food stamp programs. The Los Angeles mayoral race is proceeding to next Tuesday. Armageddon has not arrived. It is not the end of the world. Juries are being sequestered. Our brave young men and women are fighting in Afghanistan. The American Flag is flying at full mast. Vice President Biden is due for another of his classic gaffes. Rush Limbaugh and Fox are still broadcasting. The Pontiff Emeritus has entered sequestration at Castel Gandolfo, but President Obama continues to pontificate against the Republicans. The federal government continues to spend more money this year than last. The federal government is paying its bills on time. The ObamaCare tax increases and the January 1 tax increases on the wealthy, which includes all working Americans, continues to suck money out of the private economy. Congress has adjourned. But today is sequestration day. America was on the brink of an economic collapse, the fiscal cliff, but nothing has changed in our daily lives. President Obama is crying wolf and fire too many times. Just wait until March 27 when the continuing appropriations bill expires and then two months later when the debt ceiling must be raised. President Obama will once again hyperventilate, but will anyone listen?

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