Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg's Brilliant Idea: Let President Obama Golf

Sequestration is under way; public White House Tours are cancelled. President Obama, famous for his extensive golf and vacation days, has yet to do either during sequestration. Republicans though are questioning whether the President, or his wife and family, should do either on the public tab while sequestration is in effect. Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas has introduced a bill in Congress that would bar the President from using public funds in going to or coming from golf courses until the President restores the White House tours. Mayor Bloomberg has an opposite opinion. He thinks President Obama should continue golfing on weekends, albeit not just with friends. He needs to diversify the opinions of his foursomes. Maybe Julia could hit the links with the President. I agree with the Mayor on this one. Let the President golf! Would you rather the President A) Golf B) Speechify C) Politicize, or D) Perpetually campaign? Should he tee off on the golf course or the GOP? His golfing costs the American people hundreds of thousands of dollars per round. His leadership costs Americans hundreds of billions. Do the math! Do you want a divot on the course or in the economy? He earned his spot on the leaderboard. Par is whatever he scores – no bogeys. Do the full 18, not the short 9. Have a leisurely meal in the clubhouse. He can smoke while Michelle eats lobster without the presence of reporters. He saves the American people money whenever he golfs in D.C., Camp David, Chicago, Hawaii, Martha’s Vineyard, Augusta, St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Riviera, Spyglass, or Torrey Pines. President Obama can show his support for the military by touring all the golf courses on Air Force, Army, Marine, and Navy bases. He could show solidarity with the people on municipal golf courses. President Obama could provide us teachable moments on the golf courses. Let his motto be “Fore” rather than “Forward.” Better the President gets bogged down in sand traps rather than in legislative details. If he wishes to golf with Tiger Woods or John Boehner, let it be. President Obama is all for green. Golf courses are as green as they come. Air Force One gets a rest whenever President Obama is on the links. Presidents have a tough job. They need to relax. Ike and Ford golfed. JFK and LBJ scored. Clinton golfed and scored. He often needed a mulligan. Nixon drank and swore. George W. Bush chopped wood on his ranch, as did Reagan. George H. W. Bush shot horseshoes. Carter ??? That was his problem. Let the President golf. He can take his frustrations out by swinging at the small, dimpled white ball with a 9 Callaway Big Bertha.

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