Thursday, May 3, 2012

Magic - President Obama's Plan for Reelection

The Magician distracts the viewer to pull the rabbit out of the hat or hide the coin. That is President Obama’s key to reelection.

Can the Magic Man work his magic a second time?
Rely on the melliferous voice to spellbind the voters. It worked 4 years ago, so why not a repeat. Hope and change. Convince them of hope for the future, hoping they
will not notice their lack of change.

Never let the voters focus on the economy. Hide the economy as an issue. That takes magic.

Pull out the issues, the social issues, which appeal to the Democratic base. Wave the social issues to the voters

Maximize the turnout of Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, Women, Students, Environmentalists, Gays, Labor, and Trial Lawyers. Organize.

He must maximize the turnout of minority voters, especially Hispanics since the white vote is lost. The magic in certain cities and states won’t be as easy this year since many states have enacted voter identification laws to reduce the magic of voter fraud. They claim that the whole idea of voter fraud was but an illusion, but illusion or not, the dead will have to show a valid ID to vote.

The African-Americans will turn out as they did in 2008. Barack’s The Man, The Magic Man, even if their unemployment rate has risen. The unemployment rate is now higher in South Central LA than 20 years ago with the Rodney King riots. Teenage African Americans have an unemployment rate over 50%, but no matter, no magic is needed for their vote.

Hispanics are more iffy, but demagogue Arizona and Zimmerman so that the Hispanics don’t notice the job losses and attacks on Catholicism. Hide the fact that he didn’t push Amnesty or the Dream Act for the first two years of his Administration. Make them forget that their economic status is perilous. Look to Magic, perhaps even more efforts by the Senate to pass a new Amnesty Bill or Dream Act. He just celebrated Cinco de Mayo on Tres de Mayo in the White House by telling Hispanics that his second term will push immigration reform and the Dream Act. Pull out the magic of Hope and Change.” Hope springs eternal. Tell them what they want to hear. Appoint LA Mayor Antonio Mayor Villaraigosa Chair of the Democratic Convention in Charlotte this summer.

The gender gap traditionally benefits the Democrats, but in this tight year, the President must turn out the woman’s vote. Pull mandatory, free contraception out of the HHS hat even if it antagonizes the Catholic clergy. The President was the most pro-choice Senator in his two years in the Senate. He has stuck to his grounds, even as the Pro-Life Movement keeps growing. Always fight for woman’s equality and make the Republicans look like troglodytes on woman’s rights. Magic if it works, but women are well aware of the economy.

Play up the interest rate on student loans. Distract the students. Pull a low interest rate out of the hat. Have them forget that they can’t get jobs in his Administration. Magic – let students look to the interest rate on student loans, and not the high unemployment rate for recent college graduates. Make them focus on the interest and not the principal of $20,000 - $125,000 in their debts.

Make the youth ignore the economy. Do a slow-jam on the Jimmy Kimmel show and ignore the economy. Be cool, and reap the rewards with the youth. Dazzle them as one of them.

Prestidigitation will not hide the economy for six months.

No magic is needed with Native Americans, but they’re doing it nevertheless. First, pull the white dove of a legal surrender and cash out of the hat. Settle the decades old litigation over royalties with several Indian tribes for $1.4 billion. It was long overdue. But then pull some eagle feathers out of the hat. Grant the Northern Arapaho permission to kill eagles for religious purposes while denying Catholics their religious tenets. Make the statutes disappear.

Most Americans believe in environmental protection as a general principle, but favor the economy over the environment. Use Keystone Magic to appeal to environmentalists so that they ignore his boosts of oil and gas production rising. Unfortunately for President Obama, the vast majority of environmentalists are in states the President will win anyway: California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, and Vermont. The magic isn’t necessary in those states.

He eliminated the military bias against gays, long overdue, but he continues to waffle on Gay Marriage, but they know he’s with them.

He’s got Labor, especially financially, but a large percent of blue collar workers and a third of teachers often vote against the union’s positions. The question is if Labor can save him in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio. The unions better turn out at a higher rate than they did in 2010, which gave the Republicans most governorships and legislative houses in the industrial Midwest.

Let the unions forget that he did not deliver on Card Check. Don’t let them realize that industrial jobs are increasingly moving to right to work states. Find a magic way to approve the Keystone Pipeline. But then, why did he violate one of the unwritten rules of Democrats. Don’t hold the national convention in a right to work state. More magic is needed.

Trial lawyers are a given, but their numbers are few; their financial contributions are large. The 2010 elections resulted in Republican legislatures pushing Tort Reform, to the disadvantage of their incomes.

Magic or the economy?

It’s the economy, stupid.

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