Sunday, March 11, 2012

The War on Rush Continues

The War on Rush Limbaugh Continues

Most Americans believe in Freedom of Speech and the First Amendment. So do most progressives.

However, a cadre of hard core progressives strives to deny free speech to effective conservative voices. Lou Dobbs was bumped off CNN and Glenn Beck left Fox while MSNBC unceremoniously dumped Pat Buchanan.

President Obama long ago made clear his contempt for FoxNews, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity. The President called Fox “destructive.

The Left demonizes the Koch Brothers, whose sin is to defend their rights by spending their own money – a novel thought to liberals.

The Left loathes Rush Limbaugh. His Excellence in Broadcasting dominates its three hour time slot. Past attempts to minimize his influence, such as dumping on El Rushbo for wishing that President Obama would fail, simply were exercises in futility.

The Left saw its opportunity when Rush Limbaugh wrongly used the slut and prostitute words against Sandra Fluke. The Harping Harpies salivated as their most outspoken critic crossed the line. Maybe, just maybe, this time he went too far. Fundraising letters went out while moral outrage ripped the mainstream media.

Labor learnt a decade ago to pressure outsiders to pressure management in turn. In short, have consumers and advertisers boycott employers and broadcasters. The newest tool is the use of social networks to get the word out quickly and cheaply, almost as if it looks spontaneous.

Euphoria set in as several advertisers loudly pulled their ads off the Rush Limbaugh show and two small radio stations in Hawaii and Pittsfield, Massachusetts cancelled his show.

Senator Carl Levin (D. MIch.) wants Rush dumped from the Armed Forces Radio Network.

Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, having fled to Berkeley after mis-governing Michigan for 8 years, has started a “Flush Rush” campaign on her MSNBC Radio Show. The alliterative, attention seeking promo has no chance of success. Between 16-20 million Americans listen regularly to Rush, while MSNBC draws less than 1 million viewers. She also wants him off Armed Forces radio. The erstwhile, brilliant Canadian Berkeley and Harvard Law school grad, sees no irony in denying access to speech in our country for those fighting to preserve our rights.

The irrepressible Gloria Allred, always extending her 15 minutes of fame, petitioned the Palm Beach District Attorney to file criminal charges against Rush for libeling a woman. Sandra must not yet have retained Gloria as counsel.

Gloria Steinem, Robin Malloy, and Hanoi Jane Fonda want the FCC to act negatively on license renewals by stations that carry The Rush Limbaugh Show.

Allen Newbauer of USA Today simply calls Rush a clown.

Bill Maher, to his credit, has stood by Rush.

So have 600 radio stations. A slightly contrite Rush Limbaugh still rules he airwaves.

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