Saturday, March 24, 2012

President Obama's Solutions to Rising Gas prices


Imagine the derision the media would have dumped on President George W. Bush if he suggested algae as the solution to high gas prices


Billions of dollars for failing green companies, Solyndra and a host of others

Contempt for the intelligence of the American people – He’s against the Keystone Pipeline, but in favor of the Cushing Pipeline, which is already under construction.

Doubling and tripling down on green, which failed in Germany and Spain, and has continued to fail in the United States. How smart is that? Or does he think we’re that stupid?

$8/gallon of gas as per the Secretary of Energy who does not drive a car. The Secretary claims to have repented of this view

Hope and change, presumably green

Increased production by Saudi Arabia

Keystone – a millstone for the President

No easy answer

Offshore drilling off Brazil

Sarcasm – Labeling those who oppose his “green” policies members of the Flat earth Society


Tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Taxing the oil companies in the name of “justice” – taxing the companies which bring gas to us.

If only hot air were gas; Presidents, Senators, and Congressmen may generate hot air, but they do not produce oil. The higher gas prices rise, the greater the boviation.

Tariffs on solar panels from China

There’s nothing the President can do because it’s caused by factors outside his control – China, Congress, the oil companies, Hurricanes, BP, speculators, and unrest in the Mid East

Proper tire inflation

Tune ups

Everything is on the table; i.e. “All of the above.”

Except ANWA, Federal lands, fracking, off-shore oil - off California, off Florida, off the Mid Atlantic. off Alaska, off the Gulf. Drilling permits on federal lands rose 58% in the Clinton Administration and 116% in the Bush Administration, but dropped 36% in the Obama Administration. Everything is on the table, except coal.

In short, everything is on the table except for the two fossil fuels we have in abundance.

He ignores two basic principles:

Our life style and industrial base depend on cheap energy

Only oil derivatives, such as gasoline, aviation fuel, bunker oil, or diesel fuel our cars, trucks, trains, boats, and planes, with a few CNG vehicles.

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