Friday, February 24, 2012

Have They Learnt?

Many Americans have addiction problems – to drugs and alcohol.

Celebrities, such as actors, athletes, comics, and singers with large disposable incomes, are certainly no exceptions. Politicians can also exhibit such addictions.

This list contains some of the more famous figures, still alive, who have suffered from drug and alcohol problems, often manifested in arrests, such as for DWI.
Explanations and excuses include “youthful indiscretions,” “peer pressure,” pain relief, escapism, relief of boredom, or pleasure.

Many transgressors are in fields or professions where alcohol and drug use are common. Many have learnt from these mistakes, and have successfully completed rehab programs. Several have remained great successes, while others have destroyed their careers and lives.

Here’s a short list of those who have been through rehab, redemption or relapse:

Paula Abdul

Tim Allen

Alice Cooper

Charles Barkley

Halle Barry

Drew Barrymore

Misha Barton

Glenn Beck

Yasmine Bleeth

Ronald Belisario

David Bowie

Bobby Brown

Gary Busey

Gerald Butler

Macauley Culkin

Eric Clapton

David Crosby

David Cross

Jamie Lee Curtis

John Daly

Jeffrey Donovan

Michael Douglas

Gary Doudan

Robert Downing, Jr.

Mick Fleetwood

Mel Gibson

Dwight Gooden

Paris Hilton

Steve Howe

Keith Hernandez

Samuel L. Jackson

Elton John

Angelina Jolie

Wynonna Judd

Shawn Kemp

Adam Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy

Joan Kennedy

Richard Lewis

Lindsay Lohan

Rush Limbaugh

Heather Locklear

Derek Lowe


Demi Moore

Brooke Mueller

Joe Nameth

Nick Nolte

Ozzy Osbourne

Haley Joel Osmont

Dave Parker

Scottie Pippen

Jaime Pressly

Daniel Radcliff

Manny Ramirez

Keith Richards

Nicole Ritchie

Michelle Rodriquez

Charlie Sheen

Kiefer Sutherland

Daryl Strawberry

Roy Tarpley

Rip Torn

Steven Tyler

Eddie Van Halen

Hines Ward

Robin Williams

Have They Learnt?

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