Sunday, February 5, 2012

46, 45, 44, 43 ..... When Will Newt Gingrich Get the Message?

46, 45, 44 …. When Will Newt Gingrich get the Message?

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich will go the extra mile in his quest for the Presidency, all 46 more states after Floria he said. Why? After Nevada it’s 45.

He is not going to win the GOP nomination for President.

His campaign peaked in South Carolina.

Even if we combine his 32% in Florida with Senator Santorum’s 13%, Governor Romney still outpolled them combined. Preliminary results from the Nevada Caucus are even more devastating – 50% Romney, Gingrich 21%. The former Speaker isn’t even in the race.

He lost in Florida to both the female voters and the male voters. That doesn’t leave much else. Children don't vote. The dead usually vote Democratic. He rolled Snake Eyes in Nevada.

Romney won New Hampshire which adjoins Massachusetts, his home.

Gingrich lost Florida, which adjoins his home state of Georgia.

February will be bad for him. He will stagger into Super Tuesday in March if he’s lucky.

He’s not even on the ballot in Missouri and Virginia. He could lose Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, and Ohio.

He won’t sweep the west like Governor Reagan did in 1976. Utah is a lock for Romney, as is Michigan in the Midwest.

If in the best of all possible worlds for him, no nominee is chosen before the Convention, then he is guaranteed to lose at the Convention. The consummate insider is disliked by the Party regulars. The delegates will not move to his cause.

Maybe Governor Romney is not the “true” conservative in the race, but neither is Congressman Gingrich. The Governor never made a promo, sponsored by Vice President Gore, with Speaker Pelosi on global warming.

Voters aren’t listening to his message. His cries of populism are the epitome of hypocrisy when he received $1.6 million from Freddy Mac. He’s leaving Las Vegas, hoping to appeal to NASCAR voters on Super Tuesday, if he makes it that far. Has he forgotten that NASCAR is headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida?

Conservative Republicans should not demagogue capitalism. Presidential candidates should not “whine.”

"Fly me to the moon" is a song, not a campaign motto.

He who is without sin might be able cry “Liar, Liar” against a devout Mormon, but Newt Gingrich should not have Callista standing by him as he screams out against the Governor. It reminds voters of why they don’t trust him.

Is the candidate naïve, stupid, petulant, or arrogant?

Congressman Gingrich is a political genius. He must see the writing on the wall. So why is he soldering on? Why doesn’t he gracefully withdraw?

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