Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why Not Governor Romney?

Why Not Romney”

Governor Romney has so much to offer.

He’s a successful businessman.

He pulled off the Salt Lake City Olympics.

He was elected Governor of Massachusetts as a Republican in one of the bluest of blue states.

He is highly intelligent with a JD and MBA from Harvard.

He’s an experienced campaigner who comes across well in debates. This is the fourth time Mitt Roney has run for office.

He does not lose his composure. He’s poised and polished. He stays on message.

He’s run before, and Republicans usually nominate a prior candidate.

He’s not associated with Washington.

He says the right things as a Republican.

The governor has a loving family.

So what’s not to like.

First, he’s a Mormon. It doesn’t bother me and most Americans. We believe in religious tolerance, but some Ministers belief a Mormon is not a true Christian. That’s absurd in today’s America and harkens back to the days when Catholics were suspect.

That he believes in God should suffice.

Second, he’s not a true conservative because he took liberal views as Governor of Massachusetts. The reality is that Republicans must be pro-choice and in favor of gun control to be elected in Massachusetts. Senator Scott Brown was supported by the Tea party in Massachusetts, but the Senator has shown moderation in his views.

Third, he has changed his views on abortion and other issues to get the Republican nomination. Thus, he can’t be trusted. Most politicians make strategic shifts at some point in their career.

To most the main issue is RomneyCare in Massachusetts, which President Obama has claimed to be the basis of ObamaCare. RomneyCare has been a financial disaster for Massachusetts, as it will be for America. Records now show that Romney’s advisors advised President Obama in preparing ObamaCare.

Governor Romney does not, and cannot, disown RomneyCare, but his defense of it is unconvincing. He says it’s proper for a state to mandate health insurance, but not for the federal government. No principled basis exists for the distinction.

He could say that mistakes were made in RomneyCare and that we should learn from them, but he doesn’t.

My problem with the Governor is different. I saw him campaign 4 years ago in a 500 person auditorium. He looked like, talked like, and walked like a preppy, which he is. He did not connect with the audience on a personal level – the essence of a Ronald Reagan as a campaigner. There’s nothing wrong with preppies, but it’s not the image to convey to the average American.

He says all the right things, except for RomneyCare, but the sense is he doesn’t really believe what he’s saying. He’s too robotic.

A whole different problem will arise if he wins the nominations. Jobs are the number one issue for Americans. Governor Romney first ran for the Senate in Massachusetts against Senator Ted Kennedy.

Romney was leading in the polls. The Kennedy Campaign then ran a brutally effective TV ad. Mitt Romney’s firm, Bain & Co., had taken over a manufacturing company and laid off 10,000 workers. The ad was one of the fired workers explaining what Romney had done. Senator Kennedy never looked back.

Why not Governor Romney?

He's too robotic.

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