Thursday, October 13, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street

By all means, occupy Wall Street

Fill the Park Hyatt Hotel at 75 Wall Street and the upstairs condos

Take 40 Wall Street, the Trump Building, off the Donald’s hands

Occupy Trinity Church at Broadway at Wall. Take a break on Alexander Hamilton’s grave

Occupy the apartments and fitness center at 37 Wall Street

Occupy the condos at 55 Wall Street

Clean up your act

Get dressed at the Wall Street Custom Clothiers of Mercer Island, Washington

Occupy the Esquires Barbers and the Wall Street Café at 14 Wall Street - the last capitalists on Wall Street

Grab a bite at Bobby Van’s Steakhouse, and then occupy it across from the Exchange

Occupy the Deutsche Bank Building at 60 Wall Street, but that’s German

Go around the corner to the American International Building at 70 Pine Street, but AIG is bankrupt.

Occupy the restrooms, instead of using a police cruiser for that purpose

Occupy the Wall Street Cleaners in Texas

Wall Street is not Wall Street anymore

Occupy the Wall Street Journal offices by hiking up to Midtown. Make sure not to leave any bed bugs behind

Occupy the Morgan Stanley offices on the same hike to Midtown

Occupy Goldman Sachs, yes Goldman Sachs, in Battery Park

You’re decades late

Wall Street is not Wall Street anymore.

Occupy the Wall Street Deli, a franchise chain out of Alabama

While you’re occupying Wall Street, read the Bawl Street Journal on-line with your white earpods attached to IPod, ITouch, IPhone, and I Pad, from the philanthropic billionaire Steve Jobs.

Really occupy Wall Street, not Zuccotti Park a few blocks away

Your ancestors at Berkeley knew who they were, where they were and what they were protesting. Peoples Park, Free Speech, Cambodia and Kent State were real; Occupy Wall Street is not.

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