Monday, May 2, 2011

Well Done President Obama

Congratulations to President Obama, the Navy Seals, CIA, and the American military in general.

You did it. President Clinton either couldn’t or wouldn’t. President Bush tried, but couldn’t. President Obama did. He gave the order. The military pulled it off.

The President fulfilled his campaign promise to go into Pakistan if necessary.The military did it a mile from the West Point of Pakistan.

President Obama achieved a great psychological victory over Al Qaeda.

No questions; no second guessing today. It is the President’s Day.

President Obama succeeded where President Carter failed with his Iranian Hostage Crisis rescue effort.

The raid on Abbottabad is right up there with the Israel rescue effort at Entebbe.

The killing of Osama Bin-Laden will no more end the War on Terror than the killing of Admiral Yamamoto, the mastermind of Pearl harbor, ended the War in the Pacific, but it will speed it up. Ayman Zawahiri survives, plotting against the United States. He’s the last of Al Qaeda’s 9/11 leadership.

Churchill’s remarks after the great victory at El Alamein said it best, as Churchill often did: “This is not the end. It is not the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

Al Qaeda is not the Taliban.

The decisiveness of the Abbottabad Raid trumps the weak, indecisive, confusing and contradictory Mideast Policy of recent months.

Let the Administration build on the success by harvesting the intelligence gathered by the Navy and CIA in seizing the computers, papers and other sources of information. Let’s see of some of the networks can be rolled up.

One dramatic result of the Raid is the lack of anti-American riots throughout the Mideast. Perhaps Bin-Laden no longer has the standing in the Muslim World that he used to. Remember on 9/11 the Palestinians were dancing in the streets.

Let’s also give credit to President Bush as well. The original intelligence about the courier was developed through interrogations, perhaps enhanced interrogations, during his Administration. Further links were added prior to President Obama assuming office. Without the work of the Bush Administration, the Obama Administration could not have found Osama.

However, President Obama gets and deserves the credit. It occurred on his watch.

Let President Obama enjoy his boost in the polls. The underlying economic and foreign policy problems are not going away, but not for today.

Bipartisanship will reign for a few days.

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