Sunday, May 1, 2011

Reflections on the Royal Wedding

I actually watched it live while completing a paper due the next morning.

Prince William wed a commoner, but all royal families start out as commoners

The Duchess of Cambridge will diversify the royal gene pool. For all too long, the European Royal families have been inbreeding, although one report is that William and Kate are 15th cousins. Of course, except for recent immigrants, everyone is
related to everyone in England

This couple may erase out some of the disglory that Prince Charles has brought onto the House of Windsor

Three decades ago the question was if Lady Di was a virgin. This time the newly weds have been cohabitating

Britannia may no longer rule the waves, but she still knows how to put on a pageant

The marriage between the Prince and Kate Middleton represents the acceptance by the Royal family, indeed the upper class, of the entrepreneurial class in England

If Parliament changes the Law of Succession, then if their first born is a daughter she will be ahead of any brother in the line of succession

Has the shrinkage of the British military resulted in the shrinkage of their great military bands?

The mystery was solved. Sarah Burton of the late Alexander McQueen’s firm designed the wedding dress

Top hats yes, but why must some of the women mar the beauty, dignity, and grace of the wedding with those hats?

Some of the military uniforms look hideous, regardless of the bravery that went into earning them

Is the Duchess of Cambridge on a short term diet, like her mom, to look great at the wedding, or is she becoming anorexic?

Why did the pageboys look like Beefeaters in waiting?

Was Camilla pouting?

Why does Prince Harry have so much hair while Prince William is balding?

The Disney movie will be out soon; the prince marries the granddaughter of a coal miner

Most significantly, this marriage will last. The couple is mature; they know who they are and what is expected of them. Sadly, Lady Di had not yet discovered herself when she married Prince Charles

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