Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Democrats' 24 Step Plan for Victory in November

1) Run away From Your record, unless you voted against TARP, Stimulus and Health Care

2) Run against Obama, but take his money;

3) Run against Bush;

4) Run against Bush and Obama at the same time;

5) Run against Washington;

6) Run against Bush,Obama and Washington;

7) Run against Congress;

8) Screw your major financial backers in 2008, such as Wall Street;

9) Run as an outsider, even if you are a career politician;

10) Insult your progressive base, by calling them unmotivated, whiners, and ignorant;

11) Run on abortion and other social issues; eventhough voters are voting the economy;

12) Lie about yourself

13) Run against Fox News, Back, Hannity and Limbaugh;

14) Run against Sara Palin and the Tea Party

15) Assume voters are stupid, and Wall Street, doctors, insurers, bankers have no memories;

16) Run to the right, even in blue states;

17) Wrap yourself in the American Flag;

18) Class warfare;

19) Demonize your opponent;

20) Urge black ministers to get out the black vote;

21) Pray for an early blizzard or late hurricane on election day;

22) Pray Obama captures or kills Osama two days before election day;

23) Pray the Republicans peak early;

24) Fall back on recounts with suddenly found ballots (Think Senator Franken and Governor Gregoire)

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