Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Senator Barbara Boxer "Displays Less Intellectual Firepower or Leadership Than She Could"

Senator Barbara Boxer “displays less intellectual firepower and leadership than she could.”

Those aren’t my words. They are the words of the editorial writers of the Los Angeles Times on Friday, May 5, when it declined to endorse her for reelection in the Democratic primary.

The liberal Los Angeles Times declined to endorse an incumbent liberal, who has not been accused of corruption, bribery, or any other ethical flaws. She has no personal scandal.

Senator Boxer has been a stalwart of the liberals. Leadership has never been a problem because she is a reliable vote.

“Like a rock.”

Steadfast support of the environment, labor, minority rights, abortion rights, women's rights, gay rights, government spending, military cuts, immigration reform, tax increases – never any pretense of turning conservative in an election year.

Like a rock!

But now the LA Times tells us that is not enough.

Apparently, the Senator is intellectually challenged, even though she has published two novels.

She's certainly economically challenged, but that fits into the mainstream of today's democratic Party.

Intelligence has never been a qualification for elective office. A short time ago at a Congressional hearing in which additional deployments to Guam were discussed, Congressman Hank Thompson said: “My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated and tip over and capsize.”

Nor is it a disqualification.

The brain dead can be elected to office. Indeed, sometimes actual dead are elected.

Is Senator Boxer stupid?

Or have too many years in office afflicted her with the arrogance that many politicians acquire?

Have a couple of decades of Potomac Fever turned her brain dead?

Who knows?

Senator Boxer has never appeared thoughtful unlike her colleague, Senator Dianne Feinstein.

She has never instilled much excitement or enthusiasm in her supporters, but she’s smart enough to win elections and reelections.

Is her problem that deep down, she is simply a transplanted New Yorker from Brooklyn, and her style doesn’t fit California?

We do know though on June 18, 2009 a general addressed her at a Senate hearing as “Ma’am,” and she objected, demanding to be called “Senator.” Military protocol advises officers to use “sir” or “ma’am” in addressing superiors.

Senator Boxer is a kneejerk, lockstep liberal. That should be enough to get her reelected in California, but perhaps not this year.

California has had its share of great leaders as well as intellectually challenged leaders. A leadership vacuum currently exists in Sacramento, but the Senator legislates in Washington, D.C., where President Obama is definitely exercising leadership.

No, the real story is the LA Times. The paper was once upon a time a stalwart of conservatives.

Otis Chandler became publisher in 1960. His vision was to transform the Times into one of the world’s and America’s great newspapers. The editorial page shifted from conservative to liberal, circulation soared with the growth of the greater LA Basin, and the reputation of the Times was nationally proclaimed.

Compared to eastern papers, such as the Boston Globe and New York Times, it was basically balanced in the news sections. The politics were saved for the editorial pages. It took on Democrats and Republicans on a non-partisan basis.

The Chandler family forced him out in 1980, but the paper built on his legacy for over a decade.

Then came the circulation drops, financial reverses, changes in ownership, bankruptcy, and in the past couple of years, a moderation of the editorial pages.

And now it’s dumping on one of its favorite liberals.

This is a crazy year!

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