Saturday, May 22, 2010

John and Ken Want Nancy Meza Deported

Poor Nancy Meza; she does not understand the forces that she unleashed.

John and Ken want her deported. John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou are devoting hours of their valuable KFI640 prime time to a crusade to have her deported.

John and Ken have the highest ratings of any regional talk show hosts in the nation. They are tenacious, no, pit bulls, when they latch onto a “victim.” They do not believe in a kinder and gentler talk radio. They eviscerate politicians on the air.

And they don’t let go!

Many a politician has felt their wrath.

Poor Nancy!

She’s now prime time in LA.

Nancy committed the most heinous crime possible in Los Angeles.

Much worse than homicide, sexual assault or narcissism.

More heinous than being an illegal immigrant, although that by itself would set off John and Ken.

More despicable than an environmental felon.

All Nancy Mesa and her fellow demonstrators did was block traffic and close Wilshire Avenue and the 405.

SoCal is a relaxed place to live. Almost all sins are forgivable.

But not when it comes to deliberately blocking traffic.

Nancy Meza organized a demonstration in support of the Dream Act Thursday in front of a federal building on Wilshire.

The Development, Relief and Education Act for Alien Minors Act (Dream Act) would provide a path to permanent residency for undocumented alien students who graduate from high school in the United States.

She and 8 others were arrested for marching in a circle on Wilshire Avenue, near UCLA, blocking not only that major thoroughfare, but also the nearby 405 as the ramps backed up for miles. None were turned over to immigration, unlike demonstrators at Senator McCain’s Tucson office earlier in the week.

Traffic was blocked for hours. Bus routes were rerouted. Ambulances potentially had trouble reaching the UCLA emergency room. Workers went home.

Among those inconvenienced by Nancy were Ken Chiampou and their KFI news announcer, Terri Rae Elmer.

That was a major error in judgment.

John and Ken are leading a crusade to have Nancy deported. She’s a self-proclaimed illegal immigrant, having come to the United States when she was 2. She’s scheduled to graduate from UCLA in 3 weeks.

She’s thrown red meat to John and Ken. They have posted her phone number, twitter number, and website on their site. They encourage listeners to contact ICE and turn her in. Scores have dropped the dime on ICE.

She and 200 demonstrators were exercising their First Amendment rights, even though they lacked a permit. Maybe Nancy wanted to be a martyr for immigrant rights.

But she set off John and Ken.

I feel sorry for her.

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