Friday, December 11, 2009

Senator Max Baucus; Where's the Outrage?

Senator Max Baucus of Montana is getting a free pass from the mainstream media over his recent indiscretions, proving once again that a double standard exists in covering peccadillos in office.

Senator David Vitter’s phone number showed up in the blackbook of the D.C. madam. That made headlines.

Senator John Ensign of Nevada was sleeping with a staffer and may have been involved in a financial payoff to cover it up.

Both are conservative, family values Republicans, so the hypocrisy is great.

Governor Mark Sanford, a rising star in the GOP, can blame his problems on Rio, or if you would the Argentine Firecracker who has become his “soul mate.” He’s toast and may not last out his term in office.

Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York, a liberal Democrat, was forced from office, but when you're arrested by the FBI for violation of the Mann Act, and have antagonized almost everyone on a bipartisan basis, the normal rules don't apply.

The story was released early this week that Senator Max Baucus nominated his girl friend, Melodee Hanes, to the U.S. Attorney post in Montana without disclosing his relationship to her, a clear conflict of interest and an abysmal error in judgment.
The nomination was withdrawn the day after a reporter for the Missoulian newspaper informed the Senator that the paper was planning to run the story the next day.

His girlfriend received a consolation prize. The Senator increased her salary by $14,000. She earned $126,541 for the fiscal year ending September 28, 2008. The Senator explained that the pay raise was commensurate with the staff.

She also accompanied him on a Congressional junket to Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates at a cost to taxpayers of another $14,000. Her expertise is juvenile delinquency - not foreign policy.

As the internet spotlight shines on the Senator, we learn today that she twice met with the Senator’s divorce lawyer before Senator Baucus’ wife, Wendy, even knew he was contemplating a divorce. Wendy, the Senator's wife of 25 years was the last to know.

Divorces have been granted to both couples. The Senator and Melodee are living together and she has a position with the Justice Department.

President Clinton was right in arguing it happens and is a matter between the spouses. The Senate certainly has a history of sexual escapades (Kefauver, JFK, LBJ, Packwood, Dodd.

But when public officials publicly cavort, and the media wishes to publicize it, then it becomes salacious material for public consumption.

Tiger Words carried on with his dime on his time. That’s really a personal matter between him, his wife, and his sponsors.

Senator Vitter also paid out his dime on his time. That’s between him and his wife.

Senator Ensign was mostly on his time.

But Senator Baucus has been using our dime and time to fund his lover. That is a violation of the public trust.

The Democrats are standing by their man. They need his vote and he is the powerful chair of the Senate Finance Committee.

That’s all we need to know.

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