Friday, June 12, 2009

It Just Ain't Detroit's Year; Even the Redwings Lose

2009 has not been good to Detroit.

Population keeps dropping while unemployment rises.

Unemployment is 22% in Detroit.

Homes can be purchased for as low as a bargain $1,000.

Unemployment is over 12% in the state as Michigan races to stay ahead of California.

MoTown is a museum.

Even the three casinos are losing.

The vastly expanded Detroit Institute of Art (nee Art Museum) reopened, but who knows?

Detroit just can't get a break.

The industry is in, out, in and out of bankruptcy.

Chrysler couldn't get it done in Detroit, so now they're Italian. The German marriage didn't work out. Neither did Cerberus. the three headed dog.

Detroit can't get a break.

The two Detroit newspapers are down to publishing hard copy three days a week, while the Ann Arbor News is now solely online.

Detroit can't even get the news.

Michigan State came close in the NCAA basketball tournament, but lost in the finals to North Carolina. I rooted hard for the Spartans, but they couldn't do it - in Detroit.

And now, just an hour ago, the heavily favored Detroit Redwings lost 2-1 the final game in the Stanley Cup finals to the Pittsburg Penguins - in Detroit.

Imports couldn't save either GM or the Redwings.

Dretroit just can't get a break.

Governor Granholm was passed over by the Obama Administration for his cabinet.

Too bad.

The Detroit Lions, owned by a family named Ford, set a record for futility, a perfect 0-16 season in the NFL - at Ford Field - in Detroit.

The Detroit Pistons couldn't get it done - in Detroit.

Chuck Daly died. So did Bill Davidson.

Detroit can't get a break.

Even Checker Motors of Kalamazoo just died.

My beloved Michigan Wolverines stank up the Big House, but that was in Ann Arbor. The women's softball team lost out to two SEC teams, just like Big Ten Football.

Listen up Detroit, Michigan's basketball team showed signs of life so wait until next year.

This ain't Detroit's year, but maybe next year.

The former mayor just got out of jail.

There's hope for all.

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