Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is it Because Politicos Can or Because They Are Human?

Is It Because They Can or Because They’re Human?

Mark Sanford

John Ensign

David Vitter

Larry Craig

Mark Foley (only sexting)

Newt Gingrich

Vito Fossella

Jack Ryan

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Jim Bunn

Steven LaTourette

Rod Grams

Henry Hyde

Robert Livingston

Sol Wachter

Helen Chenoweth

Dan Crane

John Schmitz

Bob Bauman

Don Sherwood

Don Lukens

Ken Calvert

Bob Packwood

James West

Warren G. Harding

Democrats shouldn’t salivate, for adultery, like corruption and sleeze, is non-partisan and bipartisan. Democrats tend not to be as moralistic or hypocritical as some Republicans. The pendulum will swing back to the Democrats as the majority party will behave like a majority party..

Eliot Spitzer

John Edwards

Kwame Kilpatrick

Gavin Newsom

Antonio Villaraigosa

Tim Mahoney

Marc Dann

Jim McGreevy

Gary Condit

Gary Becker

Mel Reynolds

Bob Wise

Roger Boas

Mike Lowry

Brock Adams

Richard Celeste

Henry Cisneros

Chuck Robb

Sam Adams

Neil Goldschmidt

Wilbur Mills

Wayne Hays

Gary Hart

Gerry Studds

Barney Frank

Joe Waggoner

Austin Murphy

Bill Clinton




Ted Kennedy

Chris Dodd


Andrew Jackson

Thomas Jefferson

Notice that some of our greatest political leaders are on the lists, while others are not. Jimmy Carter only lusted in his heart, but look where it got him.

The public is becoming inoculated to ordinary political sex scandals. They’re no more interesting than the ordinary high speed chase on TV in Southern California. Throw in emails, pregnancies, cancer, trips to Brazil, videos, and it becomes interesting. Some is explainable by alcohol, but alcohol can simply be an excuse.

The French and Italians are much more accepting of sexual peccadillos, and the English have less tolerance, but it happens in every nation, every regime, every type of government (Stalin had a mistress and Chairman Mao liked young girls), and transecends gender. We are dealing with humans. Some are serial adulterers, but most have fallen from grace on a rare occassion.

We could easily add executives, union leaders, clergy, celebrities, sports stars, university presidents, law school deans, professors, students, judges and lawyers, indeed almost any occupation, to the list. Not because we can, but because we are humans, not saints or angels. Most humans are imperfect, and we do the best we can with our lives. Most of us try to live up to high standards, and generally do very well, but others are either immoral or amoral. Some go into politics

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