Saturday, March 12, 2022

Where Would You Place President Biden on This List of Titanic Historical Failures

President Putin may be crazy, and a narcissist, but he is definitely a bully. The proper response to a bully is not appeasement, os which President Biden is an abject success. This list is not based on mass murderers, evil dictators, disastrous generals and admirals. The entries are those who failed their countries and peoples, through actions and inactions, having run a successful people into the ground, or lost empires. The list is alphabetical, but if you ranked them, where would you place President Obama after only 14 months in office? Prime Minister Anthony Eden President James Buchanan President Jimmy Carter Neville Chamberlain Commodus Lord Mayor of London During the Great London Fire Robert Mugabe Nero Santa Ana Tsar Nicholas II Lord North Kaiser Wilhelm II Mehmet Talaat, Ismail Enver and Ahmed Cemal, The Three Pashas

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