Sunday, February 20, 2022

President Biden's Use of Ukraine to Divert Attention From His failures

President Biden has been outspoken, seemingly indignant, in recent weeks that Russia will invade Ukraine, any day now, perhaps as I write this blog. The President is running a futile, full court diplomatic press on President Putin and Ukraine The conquest of Ukraine will be a modern, bloody tragedy – a country conquered by a neighboring bully. Mr. President: What are you doing to deter Russia? No American soldiers will be in Ukraine Mr. President; What are you doing about Inflation? It’s rising because of Putin and Ukraine Mr. President: What are you doing about the high price of gas? As you know, Hunter Biden has connections in Ukraine. That will help us in America. Mr. President: What are you doing about my $5/gallon gas in California? Move to Ukraine Mr. President: What are you doing about the empty shelves in the stores? It’s the Russian threat to Ukraine. Mr. President: Why did you leave Americans and American supporters behind in Afghanistan? We’re telling Americans to leave Ukraine on their own. No Americans soldiers will enter Ukraine to save Americans. Mr. President: President Trump left you with a vaccine and Operation Fast Track to defeat Covid. Why have more Americans died from Covid during your Administration than President Trump’s “You stupid son of a bitch.” The question is Putin’s aggression of Ukraine. Mr. President: Did you have a constructive meeting with President Putin? “If you don’t understand that, you’re in the wrong business.” Mr. President: Why are you shutting down American oil, but asking President Putin to increase production? It’s about Ukraine – not oil Mr. President: How could you go from Energy Independence under President Trump, but now see oil reaching $100/barrel? I just told you; it’s Ukraine Mr. President: What are you doing about the rising crime rate in the United States? It’s peaceful in the Ukraine. Mr.President: What about the Durham probe? What does Durham have to do with Ukraine/ Mr. President: President Teddy Roosevelt spoke softly, but carried a big stick in diplomacy. Why are you yelling about Ukraine? I left my big sticks behind in Afghanistan. I have no sticks left to spare – only sanctions. Mr. President: What about Build Back Better? We’ll going to Build Back Ukraine Better. Mr.President: What Are You and President Putin Going to Talk About? We'll meet in Munich and go from there. Mr. President: Where is Ukraine? It’s in Russia. Way to go Brandon.

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