Friday, August 13, 2021

Governor Andrew Cuomo is Just the Tip of Sordid Albany Politicians During the New Millennium

Governor Cuomo in his farewell said: “The best way I can help now is if I step aside and let government get back to government.” The Governor is the third of the three past New York Governors to be ethically and morally challenged. Governor Eliot Spitzer had an expensive penchant for prostitutes. He met on February 3, 2008 in Washington’s Mayflower hotel with Ashley Dupre who arrived in D.C. via Amtrak (no TSA security). $4300 exchanged hands. He resigned in disgrace, but note his moral and marital flaws were not sexual assaults or harassment. Governor Spitzer’s replacement was Lt. Governor Dave Paterson, who did not seek election when his term expired. He admitted several affairs and was accused of witness tampering. Improper gifts, and false statements. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman abruptly resigned in May 2018 after four women accused him of physical abuse. New York Comptroller Alan Hevesi in 2006 was engaged in a Pay to Play scheme defrauded the government. Not quite Albany, but Representative Anthony Weiner committed a federal felony by sexting a teenager. New York has not caught up to Illinois which has seen four governors imprisoned. Let’s get to the New York Legislature which has racked up quite a rap sheet over the past 20 years. Most, but not all, are Democrats simply because New York has become a one-party state. Corruption, harassment, and other derelictions of duty are non-partisan and bi-partisan. 2000 Jerry Johnson (R) (Assembly) Livingston County Attempted burglary 2003 Gloria Davis (D) (Assembly) Queens Bribery 2003 Sam Hoyt (D) (Assembly) Brooklyn Improper relationship with 23 year old intern 2004 Roger Green (D) (Assembly) Brooklyn False travel claims 2004 Guy Velella (R) (Senate) Bronx Bribery 2005 Clarence Norman (D) (Assembly) Bronx Corruption 2006 Ryan Karben (D) (Assembly) Rockland County. Improper fraternization with staffers 2006 Efrain Gonzalez (D)(Senate) Bronx Mail fraud 2006 Bryan McLaughlin (D) (Assembly) Queens Embezzlement 2006 Ada Smith (D) (Senate) Queens Harassment – throwing coffee in staff member’s face 2007 Karim Camara (D) (Assembly) Queens DWI 2007 Michael Cole (R) (Assembly) Erie County Night in apartment of student intern 2007 John Sabini (D) (Senate) Queens DWI 2008 Joseph Bruno (R) (Senate) Rensselaer Corruption, mail and wire fraud 2008 Diane Gordon (D) (Assembly) Bronx Bribery 2009 Anthony Seminerio (D) (Assembly) Queens Bribery 2009 Hiram Monserrate (D) (Senate) Queens. Slashed girlfriend in face with broken glass 2010 Adam Clayton Powell IV, (D) (Assembly) Manhattan DWI 2010 Pedro Espada (D) (Senate) Bronx Corruption, embezzlement, tax evasion 2010 Vincent Leibell (R) (Senate) Putnam County Bribery, tax evasion 2010 Kevin Parker (D) (Senator) Brooklyn Criminal mischief – altercation with photographer 2011 Carl Kruger (D) (Senator) Brooklyn Bribery 2013 Shirley Huntley (D) (Assembly) Queens Embezzlement 2012 Nicholas Spano (R) (Senator) Yonkers Tax evasion 2013 Vito Lopez (D) (Assembly) Brooklyn Sexual harassment of a staffer 2013 Steve Katz (R) (Assembly) Westchester County Marijuana possession after traffic stop 2013 Malcolm Smith (D) (Senator) Queens Bribery 2013 Nelson Castro (D) (Assembly) Bronx Perjury 2013 Eric Stevenson (D) (Assembly) Bronx Bribery 2013 John Sampson (D) (Senate) Brooklyn Embezzlement 2013 Micah Kellner (D) (Assembly) Manhattan Harassment of employee 2013 Robert Rodriquez (D) (Assembly) Manhattan DWI 2013 Dennis Gabryszak (D) Assembly Cheektowaga. Sexual harassment 2011-2014 William Boyland (D) Brooklyn Corruption, bribery, mail fraud, and extortion 2014 William Scarborough (D) (Assembly) Queens. Misuse of campaign funds and false claims 2014 Gabriela Rosa (D) (Assembly) Manhattan Lying to Immigration on marital status 2014 Thomas Libous (R) (Senate) Broome County False statements to FBI 2015 Sidney Shelton (D) (Assembly) Manhattan Bribery and kickbacks 2015 Dean Skelos (R) (Senate) Nassau County Corruption 2016 Bill Nojay (R) (Assembly) Monroe, Livingston, Steuben Counties Stealing from client’s escrow account 2016 Diana Richardson (D) (Assembly) Brooklyn Beat son with broomstick 2018 Angela Wozniak (D) (Assembly) Erie County Retaliation against staff member 2017 Robert Ortt (R) (Senate) Niagara, Orleans, Monroe Counties Filing false instrument 2017 Steve McLaughlin (R) (Assembly) Rensselaer County Harassment 2018 George Maziarz (R) (Senate) Niagara, Orleans, Monroe Counties Filing false instruments 2018 Pamela Harris (D) (Assembly) Brooklyn Wire fraud, false statements 2021 Luis Sepulveda (D) (Assembly) Bronx Domestic violence Governor Andrew Cuomo: “Let government get back to government.” I Love New York

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