Wednesday, January 20, 2021

President Biden Seeks Unity, Unity and Unity; So He says

The theme of the 2021 Biden inauguration is America Unity. President Biden, the Democrats, and Unification? The Capitol Mall is a Sea of American Flags. We are unified as Americans with the peaceful exchange of power. President Biden wants to unify the country. We are all Americans So he says. Let us remember President Lincoln’s second inaugural address: “With malice toward none; with charity for all.” That was 156 years ago. Certainly not in today’s Democratic Party and their supporters. Here’s how not to bring the sides together. Democratic Senators Sherrod Brown, Chris Coons, Patty Murray, and Shelton Whitehouse want Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Chris Harley expelled from the Senate for objecting to and voting against electors. Self-labeled moderate Democrat Senator Joe Manchin thinks they may have violated Section 3 of the 14th Amendment: “No person shall be a Representative or Senator … who … shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion ….” Similarly in the House Representative Bill Pascrell (D. N.J.) wants action taken by Speaker Pelosi against the 126 Republicans who joined lawsuits contesting the election results. Advise Congress to chill out. You will have to work together. Ask Speaker Pelosi to call off the Senate Impeachment trial. It will just be a distraction during your 10 day sprint and 100 day marathon, and turn the ex-President into a martyr. President Trump won 74 million votes, mostly from Americans who supported his policies, but not necessarily the President. President Biden won a record 81.2 million votes, 7 million more than the incumbent. We know a large percent of his votes were anti-Trump votes. Not that it matters. He won. The Democrats control the Presidency and both houses of Congress. They can ignore the Republicans as they did in President Obama’s first two years. How did that work out in the midterm elections? The God of the Torah recognized humans are fallible, but forgivable. God provides for forgiveness, atonement, and repentance. The other great religions of Buddhism, Christianity Hinduism, and Islam also provide for forgiveness. Not today’s intolerant woke, cancel culture generation. No forgiveness exists for a mistake 20 years ago. No balancing exists taking into account fallibility. Reaffirm traditional American values while acknowledging a changing America, Speak out against the Cancel Culture. President Trump could be more than abrasive. You can be conciliatory. Tomorrow is your best chance to introduce yourself to the American people. They got to know little of you in your basement campaign. Be Good Old Joe comforting the American people. You can extend your goodwill period through grace. Tell Hollywood to tone down the rhetoric. Remind your partisans that the 74 million voters for President Trump are Americans; stop he talk about deprogramming them. Remind Americans that that we can civilly disagree. Give President Trump credit for a few matters, such as Operation Warp Speed to get the vaccine out. Don’t worry, the media will credit you with success after the mass vaccination campaign. You have the opportunity to comfort America. They will decide later if they approve of your Administration. CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times will carry water for you, at least for now until it’s Kamala time.

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