Thursday, March 12, 2020

Vice President Biden and Covid-19: Emulating Governor McKinley's 1896 Front Porch Campaign

The Democrats have a problem. Everyone knows Biden is a potential gaffe a minute. Many also suspect he is losing it, onset dementia. The fear is he cannot survive a rigorous 9 month campaign. His handlers kept him muzzled much of the primary season. Press conferences were non-existent. His recent outbursts and forgetfulness are alarming. He swore at questioners, introduced his sister as his wife, and claimed he would never take guns away after being on tape earlier saying he would. Even Senator Sanders hopes the former Vice President will commit a fatal gaffe before the Democratic National Convention. Assuming Joe Biden wins the Presidency, the critical question will be the Vice President nomination. The FBI cabal and Democrats three years ago were consumed with the 25th Amendment as a means to remove President Trump office on grounds of incapacity, even before he assumed office. So great is the anti-Trump animus that the Democrats will nominate and perhaps elect a man well-past him time to the Presidency. How do they muzzle Vice President Biden? Simple! They emulate Governor McKinley’s successful 1896 Front Porch Campaign, masterminded by his campaign manager, Ohio industrialist Mark Hanna. McKinley met with delegations of visitors on his front porch while the Democratic nominee, mercurial Williams Jennings Bryan, crisscrossed American with his Cross of Gold speech. Bryant was a silver advocate while McKinley believed in the gold standard. Governor McKinley gave over 300 front porch speeches. Governor McKinley was scared of going on the stump. He said “I have to think when I speak.” It was meant as a jibe at Bryan, the smooth talking orator. Joe Biden doesn’t always think before he speaks. He can’t compete against President Trump on the stump. He gets very argumentative and vituperative with attendees. He needs to be muzzled. He also hopes Covid-19 cripples the Trump Campaign by limiting the President's rallies. Both the President and his core are energized by the rallies. The Coronavirus, Covid-19, may be a pandemic, which may claim thousands of lives in America this summer and fall, but it is a panacea and Godsend to the Biden Campaign. Large gatherings are to be avoided. That means large campaign rallies. Vice President Biden can sit back and criticize the Trump Administration, and thus President Trump, for the inevitable mistakes in fighting the virus., not necessarily from the front porch, but in front of focus group, highly edited videos and ads. The Vice President can sit back, hoping the Coronavirus sufficiently damages the American economy to elect him President. Yes, Biden live will almost be an optical illusion before November 3, 2020.

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