Sunday, December 22, 2019

Brexit, Impeachment, and the Democrats

Brexit and Impeachment: Brexit’s Warning to the Democratic Party Friday the 13th was the best of times and the worst of times for the Democratic Party. The Judiciary Committee voted two counts of impeachment against the President. The Democrats on Friday the 13th weaponized the Constitutional power of impeachment into a political tool. Friday was when they realized their sole mates, the British Labor Party, went down in a crushing defeat. Friday the 13th and Brexit are omens and warnings for the Democratic Party. The Tories gained 47 seats to 360 out of 640 in the House of Commons. Conversely Labour lost 59 seats, down to 203. The Tories won 47.4% of the votes; Labour dropped to 35.9%. The working class, the remaining, struggling working class of England, the red wall of the Labor Party, defected and elected the Tories. They had enough of globalism and factories closing, of unemployment and poverty. The Tories offered them a way out. Labor offered them nationalization and anti-Semitism. The British workers are what Secretary Clinton called “deplorables,” the industrial workers in the industrial heartland of the United States. These Americans in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin elected Donald Trump President of the United States. The Midlands went to the Conservatives. The Midwest went to the Republicans. The Democratic candidates, to a greater or lesser extent, are promising socialism, government medicine, anti-Semitism, intense regulation and higher taxes to Americans. They added impeachment, a witch hunt, to that witches brew of alienation. The British voted for Brexit 3½ years ago. America voted for Donald Trump 3 years ago. The Parliament under Prime Minister Theresa May was deadlocked for 3½ years. The ineffectual Prime Minister resigned to be succeeded by the flamboyant Boris Johnson. The Democrats have fumed for three years, one year in control of the House of Representatives, and accomplished little, consumed by impeachment. The British pundits expected a close vote – not a blowout, because of the Twitter activity in favor of the Labor Party. Twitter in both the U.S. and U.K. is dominated by progressives. It is not a barometer of public opinion. British voters wanted a leader. Theresa May was not. Nor are the Democrats running for President exhibiting leadership ability, just anti-Trump animus. The main, but not exclusive, issue in the British election was Brexit. Secondary reasons included loathing of Jeremy Corbyn and his anti-Semitism. We know that Brexit was the major issue because of all the MP’s who left either the Conservative or Labor parties to become independents lost their seats. Dennis Skinner, diehard Labour MP, in office for 49 years, known as the Beast of Bolsover, lost to a Tory. Chris Leslie, who lost his seat, tweeted: “We warned this would happen. We tried everything we could to prevent the hard-left self-indulgence within the Labor Party.” That’s the warning for the hard-left self-indulgence Democratic Party, the most radical since President Nixon blew away Senator George McGovern in 1972. Labor Leader Jeremy Corbin is a rabid anti-Semite. His Labor Party was increasingly anti-Semitic. Therein lies another warning to the Democrats. The left-wing of the Democratic Party is increasingly anti-Semitic supporting the BDS Movement. Representative Ilhan Omar is outspoken: “It’s the Benjamins Baby”. Running against white privilege will also not be a winning issue. Representative Rashida Tlaib is equally outspoken. She tweeted after the killings at the Jersey City Kosher Grocery: “This is heartbreaking. White Supremacy Kills.” The Democrats have time to come to their senses, but the Trump Impeachment indicates the opposite. If not, they are heading to a repeat of 1972 when the despised President Nixon won a 49 state landslide over the Democrat’s “radical” Senator George McGovern. The Democrats are obsessed with removing President trump from office. Other lessons. The polls showed a close election. They were wrong. Polling is increasingly unreliable. Brexit reaffirmed that celebrities don’t pull voters. The British actor Hugh Grant actively campaigned for four candidates. They all lost. The media trashed Prime Minister Boris Johnson on his scandalized personal behavior. Voters were unmoved, just like President Trump’s voters.

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