Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The AOC Green New Deal

Once we pay everyone who doesn’t want to work to not work, who would want to work to pay those who are not working? You can catch the 8:10 bullet train to Singapore. An express bullet train from Tia Juana to the new train station at SFO for the Border Crossers You can no longer catch the $77 billion California bullet train from nowhere to nowhere. Trains to regional hubs, where you switch to horse and buggy to your ultimate destination Mahalo to Hawaii Use the New York City public transit system and public housing as your template The visiting team in the annual Notre Dame/USC football rivalry will return to getting to the stadium by cross country train while wearing throwback uniforms Methane filters to trap bovine flatulence Road apple patrols Boviation In congress Hot air balloons in Congress Snail mail by the Pony Express Organic farming by solar tractors A vegan diet Your backyard herb garden for medicines Whale out to light in the lamp Ask Spain how the solar thing worker out Ask Germany how the alternative fuels have worked out Ask Australia how the alternative fuels have worked out Learn to ride a bike. The once bicycle country of China has abandoned the bike for the large car. What does China know that we don’t? How long does it take to bike from Los Angeles to San Francisco? How much wood will we burn in fireplaces to stay warm during winter? All buildings are to be rebuilt to make them energy efficient. An estimated 5.6 million commercial buildings and 136.57 housing units are in the United States. Where do you begin? None of this matter because the world’s going to end in 12 years. The Biblical prophesies predicted the world will end within 40 years of Israel building the Third Temple. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not a Biblical Prophet.

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