Friday, January 4, 2019

Day One of the Democratic House of Representatives: "Buckle Your Seatbelts; It's going to be a Bumpy Ride."

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is right on one proposal: Members of Congress should not be paid during government shutdowns. The House met for 4 hours yesterday, and then adjourned to Monday. Day 14 of the partial shutdown with no quick end in sight. The federal workers affected are now receiving their last scheduled paycheck. The House passed a spending bill which the Democrats knew was DOA (dead on arrival) in the Senate and the President’s desk. It would fully fund 8 agencies and extend funding for Homeland Security into February, but with no money for the Border Wall. That’s a typical legislative con game for the voters – make it look out they are taking action. Speaker Pelosi calls a wall “immoral” and called the wall “A Wall between the President and his Constituents.” It has no place in America to her. A better bill, also going nowhere, was introduced in the Senate by Republican Ted Cruz and in the House by Representative Francis Rooney, and cosponsored by Senators Marco Florio, Mike Lee, and David Perdue. It would impose term limits on Congress: 2 terms of 6 years for the Senate and 3 two year terms for the House. It would have to be approved as a proposed Constitutional Amendment by 2/3 of both houses of Congress before going to the states for ratification. The state legislators would probably ratify it because they are eyeing Congressional seats, but it will not get that far. DOA. Representative Ocasio-Cortez is now waffling on whether she will accept her paycheck. She does not to impose a 70% marginal tax to pay for her socialistic schemes. Had she really studied economics, she would realize that it could well result in a decrease in tax revenues. Hawaii Senator Hirono announced, as in the past, she will donate her pay during the period to food banks in Hawaii. Senator Elizabeth Warren said she will contribute her pay to a Jewish organization that aids refugees. Why didn’t Senator Warren give to an impoverished Indian tribe? Speaker Pelosi called the new Congress “A New Dawn.” She’s right. The new Democratic House is a Rainbow Coalition; Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists, Caucasians, African Americans, American Indians, and Asian Americans. 102 women will now sit in the House. Only 13 of them are Republicans. The 89 Democrats are social activists, even if many of them did not run that far to the left. The newly seated Democrats are fervid, full of excitement, eager to advance their agenda. Impeach the president. Let’s see how many, or few, vote in favor of term limits! The Democratic House has several goals, but one mission – remove President Trump, if not now, then in 2020. Impeachment, Indictment or Resignation – doesn’t matter, Trump must go. Representatives Brad Sherman (D. Ca.) and Al Green (D. Tex.) once again introduced a bill to impeach President Trump. Representative Hank Johnson (D. Ga.), of capsizing Wake Island fame, continues to equate President Trump with Adolph Hitler. Representative Rashida Tialb (D. Mich.) spoke to a crowd: “People love you and you win. And when your son looks at you and say, ‘Momma, Look you won. Bullies don’t win’ And I said ‘They don’t because we’re going to go in there and impeach the mother….er’” No subtlety there! She spoke what many are thinking. Oh, does the House want to impeach the President. Investigate, impeach, indict!. They will so investigate every scintilla of the President’s past, his family members and appointees. Subpoena after subpoena for records, starting with his tax returns. An army of democratic forensic accountants will flyspeck every line. Business records, emails, medical records will all be sought. And litigated! Speaker Pelosi and her fellow democrats laid down several markers yesterday: Most will pass the House, but stall in the Senate. These are the roadmap for January 2021 as the Democrats hope to win the Presidency and flip the Senate to give them one-party control of the government. If necessary, they will stack the Supreme Court with new liberal judges by expanding the Court’s size. They believe the Republican base is shrinking while a large percent of the millennials support socialism and are disillusioned with capitalism. “Free, Free, Free” is alluring to students and graduates deeply in debt and poor paying jobs. Here are their goals: Single Payer Health Insurance Limited taxpayer funding of campaigns (the foot in the door) Repeal Citizens United Gun Control Automatic voter registration Access to early and on-line voting (the easier to engage in voter fraud) Housing Finance (Representative Maxime Waters, new Chair of the House Financial Services Committee learnt nothing from the housing collapse of a decade ago) Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer know that at some point, the Democrats will have to act meaningfully to fund the government and approve Presidential nominees. Until then it will be quite a 3 ring circus (House, Senate, President) and a bumpy ride for the country (with thanks to Bette Davis).

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