Thursday, December 27, 2018

President Trump and the Democrats know his Presidency Depends on a Border Wall

President Trump has initiated a partial government shutdown, saying lifting it depends upon funding for the border wall. The Democrats say under no circumstances will they fund the wall, but they might provide a little for a fence. The Democrats are strong advocates today for open borders: Open borders for economic refugees Open borders for political refugees Oven borders for children Open borders for criminal victims Open borders for criminals Open borders for drug traffickers Open borders for terrorists The theory is that they want open border to keep replenishing the Democratic voting base. Poor immigrants vote for the candidates that can take care of them; that means Democrats, the party of government, in the big cities. They also want open borders in support of the undocumented immigrants who seek their families to join them in America. It’s also true that they do not want to give President trump anything that makes him look successful. All that is true, but that’s not why they are unwilling to compromise on funding. Both the President and the Democratic Leaders understand that 2020 may depend on the President’s success or unsuccess in closing the borders. Voters understand that candidates make promises that they either will not or cannot keep. Some candidates will say anything to get elected. (Think of the Democrats who promised never to vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House). Some promises though transcend the status of a promise to the level of a covenant. They may become the theme of an election campaign. For example, President George H. W. Bush’s “Read My Lips; No New Taxes” defined his 1988 campaign against Governor Dukakis of Taxachusetts. He breached it two years later in exchange for promises of spending cuts. The cuts never came. Even if they had, he lost the support of conservative Republicans. They deserted him in 1992, throwing their votes to H. Ross Perot, thereby electing Governor William Jefferson Clinton President. The Republican coalition consisted of three major constituencies: the Eastern Establishment, Religious conservatives, mostly Pro-Life, and political and economic conservatives. President Bush represented the Eastern Establishment, which could provide financial backing, but few votes. The President lost the conservatives, which left the Pro—Life Republicans in his base. They knew though that he was Pro-Choice in 1980. Breach of the promise cost him reelection. President Trump’s Make America Great Again Campaign had several planks: Appoint conservative judges Stay with the Evangelicals America First with bringing jobs back to America Lowering Taxes Building the Wall, with Mexican funding He successfully appointed two conservative justices to the Supreme Court and dozens to the appellate and district courts. He got Turkey to release evangelical Presbyterian Pastor Andrew Brunson after 24 months of detention. He also got American hostages released from Iran and North Korea. He’s making progress on getting factory jobs back to America - no thanks to General Motors Employment is booming under President Trump and the unemployment rate is dropping. Taxes have been lowered. Most American workers should see it in their payroll withholdings. The Wall remains to be built. The mainstream media is at war with the President, constantly trashing, demeaning and often defaming him. The President can never do anything right in their eyes. They would still find fault even if he were to resign. Reports are that members of the media communicate with each other during the evening to agree on their talking points for the next day. The Democrats are vehemently anti-Trump. Several federal district and appellate judges comprise the Judicial Resistance to the President. Hollywood damns the President. The Professoriate opposes the President. Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and his anti-Trump lawyer are doing everything they can conceive of to “get” the President on behalf of the Deep State. His base has remained loyal throughout, and his approval rating is showing a rise. It’s all down to the Wall. If he reneges on the Wall, it will be déjà vu all over again with “Read My Lips, No New Taxes” and President Bush. Very few voters expected Mexico to pay for the Wall, but they expect the President to crack down on illegal immigration. The Democrats know this; thus their hardening on the Wall and unwillingness to compromise. Their problem is that the inevitable senseless murder spree by an illegal immigrant will destroy their position in the public’s eye.

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