Saturday, October 6, 2018

Justice Kavanaugh Was Confirmed: Now Investigate 'em All

Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed 50-48 earlier today. Democrats have threatened impeachment. Let the Republicans play the same game. Perhaps at some point both sides will come to their senses for the good of the Republic and adhere to recognized mores of behavior. The Democrats unleashed furies in the Kavanaugh political battle. Until then let the FBI, Republicans and the Administration initiate investigations of all those who transgressed during the confirmation process. Illegal conduct should be punished. . First start with all those on social media who threatened the justice and his family, Dr. Ford and her family, and members of Congress and their staffers through social media or the telephone. Death and other threats have sadly become the stock in trade of many in social media. They wrongly believe anonymity will protect them. Second, investigate all those who may have lied in providing affidavits under pain of perjury in the Kavanaugh confirmation. If they committed perjury, indict them. Remember that perjury requires intent. Third, investigate those who may have engaged in witness tampering. Fourth, investigate Dr. Ford’s lawyers for possible ethical violations. She indicated at the Thursday hearing that she was unaware the Judiciary Committee was willing to interview her in private in California. If true, her lawyers breached their ethical obligation to inform her, their client, of the offers. Fifth, investigate those who buttoned holed Senators and otherwise accosted them. Bullies and mobs should not physically threaten the nation’s elected representatives. Sixth, investigate Senator Feinstein for sitting on the accusation for over 6 weeks. Seven, also investigate who leaked the letter from the Senator’s office or wherever. Magnanimity in victory is usually desirable, but the Democrats’ scorched earth conduct should not go unpunished. Send a message, or see more of the same.

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