Friday, August 31, 2018

Hail to the Victors! 2018 is the Year to Win it All

This is the year. The Wolverines will be back, finally. They will win it all. Michigan will beat Notre Dame, Michigan State, and Ohio State on the road and Penn State and Wisconsin at home, the Big (Ten) Title Game, and the two playoff games. Don’t scoff! I know the stats. Michigan is 1-13 against Ohio State in the past 14 game. Lloyd, the coach whose name shall not be mentioned, Brady and now Harbaugh are 0-16 since 2006 in road games against ranked teams. Harbaugh is 1-2 against Michigan State. No Big Ten titles since 2004. Notre Dame, Michigan State, and Ohio state are road games this year. Penn State and Wisconsin are at home. The Wolverines will prevail. The breaks will fall their way this season. So many games were oh so close last year. This is the year. Michigan’s problem for a decade has been a porous offensive line that sometimes leaked like a sieve. The school which routinely sent OL’s to the NFL has had a few All Americans in recent years, David Molk, Jake Butt and Taylor Lewan, but a OL is only as good as its weakest player. The result is twofold: 1) the team is beaten down by the end of the season and loses games, and 2) relatedly the RB’s and QB’s are banged up. Denard Robinson, Devin Garner and whoever entered the Ohio State game unable to throw the ball. The passing game has been anemic. Wide receivers could not create space at the line of scrimmage. Running backs had to execute their best moves to get back to the line of scrimmage. A running game can open up the passing game. The passing game can open up the running game. If neither is effective, then the offense will underperform. His offensive game plans were often simplified by necessity. Good old fashion smash mouth football didn’t work. Watch Michigan open it up this year with a bevy of solid quarterbacks and running backs. Coach Harbaugh made adjustments during the off-season. He’s hired a new conditioning coach, offensive coordinator, and offensive line coach. The offensive line will click this year. Michigan has lost too many games at the end of the season. Lucy will not pull the football out this year from Charlie Brown. What do I really think? 8-5 to 14-1. If Michigan beats Notre Dame Saturday night, it should be able to defeat Michigan State on the road. One of these years the pendulum will change against Ohio State. Penn State and Wisconsin are beatable in Ann Arbor. All Michigan needs this year is a solid offensive line and a few breaks to go along with a great defense. 14-1. Let not Ohio State be the loss. POST GAME POSTING Lucy pulled the football out again. The offensive line problems continue and Michigan continues to have trouble with a running quarterback.

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