Tuesday, May 8, 2018

GOP: Don't Gloat Over Eric Schneiderman's Epic Fall

For News had a headline earlier saying the GOP was gloating over the fall of the New York Attorney General. Schadenfreude is a wonderful German word meaning we gloat, are gleeful, take joy over the fall of a powerful person, especially the haughty, high and mighty It’s great to see them fall on their face. The biggest the arrogance or rank hypocrisy, the greater the smile and more the pleasure. They deserve it! Eric Schneiderman certainly deserves it. He claims the high moral and legal ground in suing the Trump Administration. He and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra lead the legal resistance to the Trump Administration. The New York Times reported his office has filed over a hundred law suits and regulatory findings against. He is a strong supporter of women’s rights and the #MeToo movement. He decries sexual harassment. The National Center for Reproductive Health named him a “Champion of Choice.” He tweeted last October “No one is above the law, and I’ve continued to remind President Trump and his Administration of that fact everyday.” He filed a civil claim against Harvey Weinstein in February, stating “We’ve never seen anything so despicable as what we’ve seen right here.” Hiding behind his mask of moral rectitude was a serial domestic abuser, fueled by alcohol. Ronan Farrow published an article in the New Yorker in October 2017. It unmasked the powerful Hollywood Harvey Weinstein for his sexual assaults on actresses and models. It revealed the darkness of the Hollywood casting couch. The dam broke on sexual abusers, beginning in Hollywood and the media, but soon spreading throughout society. The #MeToo Movement started. Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer released a second New Yorker article, this one featuring four women, two named and two anonymous, accusing the powerful Attorney General of New York of repeated domestic violence. Two had to seek medical treatment. The article is a compelling read. So compelling that Eric Schneiderman resigned three hours after its publication. His conduct could be viewed as sadomasochistic. He would slap and choke his partners. His violence was compounded by using the power of his position to threaten his victims. He said to Michelle Manning Barish during one violent assault on her: “You know, hitting an officer of the law is a felony.” He said on another occasion “I am the Law.” Another lover was Tanya Selvaratnam, originally from Sri Lanka. He called her his “brown slave” and wanted her to call him “Master.” He warned her that he could have her followed and phone tapped. Both Michelle and Tanya said he threatened to kill them if they left. Tanya referred to him as a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Michelle said of the public supporter of women’s rights: “You cannot be a champion of women when you are hitting them and choking them in bed, and saying to them ‘You are a fucking whore.’” The four women held off going public with his abuse. A major reason is that he was a strong supporter of woman’s rights and a powerful figure in the Democratic Party leading the fight against President Trump. He is an alcoholic, whose heavy drinking released the inner Schneiderman. He needs help, but that won’t heal the wounds of his victims. Eric Schneiderman’s perversion was known to many, just as Harvey Weinstein’s and a host of others, The Watergate questions apply: What did his Democratic colleagues know, and when did they know it? Then real estate and The Apprentice Host, Donald Trump, tweeted on September 11, 2013: “Weiner is gone, Spitzer is gone – Next will be lightweight A.G. Eric Schneiderman. Is he a crook? Wait and see, worse than Spitzer and Weiner.” If Donald Trump knew five years ago, then others must certainly have known. “ The Republicans can only hope that the Schneiderman Debacle will drive Stormy Daniels to the back pages and cheap strip clubs. Stormy Daniels is about a tryst with a porn actress a decade ago. Eric Schneiderman is the here and now. Don’t bet on it. Eric Schneiderman, once the upcoming star of the Democratic Party is rapidly becoming one of George Orwell’s unpersons. Governor Cuomo, Senator Killibrand, and Mayor DeBlasio almost instantaneously dumped him. He is quickly being vaporized by the mainstream media. The sordid Schneiderman is a distraction in the anti-Trump Crusade. If he were a Republican leader, the media would be hyper-hysterical over his deranged conduct, exemplifying the Republican War on Women. Check out the focus on Missouri’s young, telegenic, soon to be impeached, Republican Governor Eric Greitens. Don’t gloat Republicans because sexism and domestic abuse, as with corruption, are non-partisan and bipartisan. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents are equally susceptible to alcoholism, sexism, sexual harassment, and domestic violence. Politicians of both parties at the national, state and local levels have resigned in the past year. Others, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger survived, in earlier years.

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