Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Will EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt Be Yet Another Notch on the Media's Belt?

The mainstream media doing its best to impeach or indict President Trump. They’ve been a cheerleader and chorus to any wild charge hurled against the President. Russia Collusion? Obstruction of Justice? Sexist? Cavorting with porn stars and Playmates of the Month? Womanizer? Acting unconstitutionally (on almost everything)? Trust him with the Bomb? Tax Fraud? Liar? Lazy? Racist? Narcissist? Violating the Emoluments Clause (whatever that is)? Excessive golfing at his resorts? Melania will leave him? An Administration in turmoil? Can’t get a criminal lawyer to defend him? Policy disagreements in the White House become personal? Fascist? Fake News? The Dossier? The President is still standing tall. Not so much his Cabinet and staff! The media has been unable to destroy the President, but they’re picking off his Cabinet members and staffers one by one. The Democrat’s strategy is simple: Bork each and every Trump nominee, appointee, and ally. Accusations and scurrilous rumors are taken as gospel, amplified by a suppliant media. The Democrats are not deterred by the threat of future retaliation by Republicans because they know the media has a double standard for Republicans: slime Republicans but ignore the misconduct of Democrats. A column in the Boston Globe a few days ago wanted Justice Clarence Thomas off the Supreme Court because of the decades old Anita Hill sexual harassment claims. Here are some of the notches on the media’s belt: National Security Advisor General Mike Flynn Mike Flynn White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price National Security Advisor T. J. McMasters Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin Secretary of State Rex Tillerson They’re trying to destroy as I write this blog the nomination of Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson even though the fitness reports by President Obama had high praise for the Admiral. Jared Kushner, Donald, Jr. and Eric Trump are routinely castigated and vilified Andy Pudzer didn’t even get to a Senate vote. They speculated two weeks ago that General Kelly will soon be out as Chief of Staff. One by one they fall. One by one the media celebrates. One by one the Trump Administration is portrayed as in chaos The President ignores his advisors in making decisions. Of course he does. Memo to the media: The role of aides is to give advice The role of the President is to make decisions! And now the media and Democrats are running a full court press on EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. The New York Times is pillowing Scott Pruitt from the front page to the editorial page and the pages within. Some of the Times’ choice descriptions of the EPA Administrator: “Self-aggrandizing and borderline thuggish behavior” “Industry lap dog” “Arrogant and vengeful bully” “Small time grifter” His alleged sins: Expensive first class airfares Profligate spending Large security detachment Abuses the use of security Ethical Violations Staff discontent and low morale His real sins: Scott Pruitt has proven to be one of the most effective Trump agency directors. He has been exceedingly effective in carrying out the Trump Agenda and rolling back the Obama rules and regulations. The War on Coal is over. The EPA, the Trump EPA, has rolled back many of the Obama Administration job killing rules and regulations. He opposes the Climate Change Agenda and the Paris Accords. He’s cleaning house at the EPA. The media is not bothered by hypocrisy in attacking the Trumpers. Scott Pruitt’s predecessors Gina McCarthy and Lisa Jackson were much more profligate. Ms. McCarthy spent $629,743 on 10 trips from 2013 through 2016, including $90,367 to Dubai (2015), $74,737 to Tokyo (2016), $68,267 to Vietnam (2014), and even $62,246 to Vancouver (2014). Vancouver? She said she never flew first class, but that’s not true. Lisa Jackson spent $332,000 of taxpayer money on four trips, including $155,763 to China in 2011. It cost $51,435 to send her to Montreal in 2011. Government policy allows first class tickets on flights over 14 hours. Scott Pruitt and his EPA has received substantially more threats than his predecessors. 24-7 security is expensive, such that his security staff consists of 20 employees. He is accused of violating federal law by installing a $43,000 in his office. His sin was not providing prior notification to Congress of purchase over $5,000. My understanding is the installation was for cybersecurity – clearly a critical need for our government. The purchase would not have been disallowed. The attacks on Messrs. Pruitt, Rooney, et al could be mounted against any appointee. We are all human, and thus fallible. Any of us could be excoriated by the media for something in our past. Fly speck anyone with an electron microscope and blemishes will appear.

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