Saturday, January 6, 2018

Let Them Think President Trump is Crazy, Lazy, and Stupid

We keep being told President Trump is crazy, calling for a 25th Amendment removal. Several psychotherapists want to psychoanalyze him without ever analyzing him, and then proclaim him crazy as several of their predecessors did with Senator Barry Goldwater in 1964. Fact Magazine in 1964 published an issue entitled “The Unconscious of a Conservative: A Special Issue on the Mind of a Conservative.” That was the title, but the cover had boldly printed across it: “1,189 PSYCHIATRISTS SAY GOLDWATER IS PSYCHOLOGICALLY UNFIT TO BE PRESIDENT. The whole issue consisted of pages of comments from psychiatrists on the Senator’s mental conditions. Most said he was insane. The American Psychiatrist Association recanted that approach after the election. It’s called the Goldwater Rule. Psychiatrists should not comment on the mental state of one they have not examined. That has not topped Dr. Bandy Lee, a psychiatrist at Yale, from editing a book, “The Dangerous Case of president Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President.” The book consists of essays proclaiming President Trump to be a serious danger to the country and world. Dr. Lee has stated President Trump’s mental health could destroy the entire human species. She proclaims the destruction of the human race is not a fantasy, but a reality. She has conveyed her fears to Democratic members of Congress. These people are delusional. If President Trump is crazy, he is crazy like a fox. They should read his book, The Art of the Deal. He will negotiate from a position of strength. When one, such as President Obama, negotiates from a position of weakness, and must make concessions to obtain an agreement, the result will be the badly flawed Iran Nuclear Agreement, which looks like appeasement. The crazy one in 1964 who put American lives at risk, was not Senator Goldwater, but President Johnson, who was secretly plotting an escalation in Vietnam. We’re told President Trump is lazy, spending more time golfing and vacationing than President Obama. He’s also apparently stupid, or so we’re told. Crazy, lazy, and stupid President Trump. He is of course neither lazy nor stupid. One does not, cannot, succeed in New York City real estate by being lazy or stupid. Of course, they kept telling Americans that President Reagan was stupid and a reckless cowboy, that President Ford, with a Yale law degree, was a dumb klutz, that President George H. W. Bush was an out of touch elitist while his son, President George W. Bush, with degrees from Harvard and Yale, is stupid. President Eisenhower was also not very bright and essentially spent his presidency playing golf between heart attacks. President Nixon was in a league of his own by being crooked and paranoid, although President Nixon was proof that just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean that they are not out to get you. What psychoanalysis should tell us is that these vicious defamers are cutting the Republicans down to build themselves up with arrogant superiority. Keep thinking and saying President Trump is crazy, lazy and stupid. You will miss the real picture – everything the President and Congress are accomplishing. All President Trump has done in the meantime is to advance his and the Republican agenda, improve America’s economy, start rebuilding the military, and restoring America’s presence in the world. Once again, we hear the White House staff is in disarray. He colluded with the Russians. He’s a womanizer, sexual harasser, and rapist. President Trump is a narcissist. He lies, he lies all the time; he never stops lying, even when he isn’t lying. If it makes them feel better, all the better for President Trump. Spend more time on that wild goose chase! The President is still standing His agenda is moving forward. The naysayers went through a phrase of scare mongering about his finger on the trigger. They went ballistic with his tweet about having a bigger button than North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. They keep throwing scurrilous charge after scurrilous charge against him. None stick with the public, but they keep trying. About the only charge they haven’t attacked him with is corruption, but to do that would implicate the Democratic hierarchy in New York City and New York State.

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