Monday, November 27, 2017

"Boorish" Behavior Is Now Sexual Harassment

Boorish Behavior Is Now Sexual Harassment Boorish behavior can now be sexual harassment, as well it should be. Harvey Weinstein is accused of sexual assaults. Maybe one is presumed innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law and selectively with Nancy Pelosi, but not in public opinion. Maybe the statute of limitations has run on most of his transgressions, but that is in the court of law, not public opinion. Several celebrities, such as Weinstein, Spacey, Rose et al, were immediately dumped by the entertainment industry – not because one accuser came forward, but because their transgressions were well known within their industries. Many of the cases involves sexual assaults and sometimes “sick” behavior. Senator Al Franken is a little different. He’s been repeatedly accused of groping, albeit not as often as Kevin Spacey. (The PHOTO Would Not Load on This Blog) That photo is damming to him. He had later sent the photo to Leeann Tweeden, who was asleep when he groped her with a smirk. What was he thinking? She was indignant and upset. In an earlier day, not many years ago, the Senator’s conduct would be considered “boorish.” They were just “misguided pranks.” They were then, and are today, batteries. They were, and are, highly offensive to the victims, and that’s what matters. We have the right to decide who, where and when touches our bodies. Hands should not be wandering. A photo op is not a groping session. Taylor Swift recently won her lawsuit against ex-DJ David Mueller for groping her. Once again, a picture is worth a thousand words. He tried, but couldn’t succeed, in explaining the wandering hand to the jury. (This Photo Also Did Not Load Onto This Page) We expect adolescents to occasionally engage in such wrongful, boorish behavior, but not grown men. 50-plus year old men should not be engaged in unconsented groping. It is totally inappropriate for a United States Senator. Similarly, what was Kevin Spacey thinking as he repeatedly grouped the private parts of men? We should also be free from men either flashing themselves or unwanted sexts. I’m not sure many women wanted to see the unsolicited Anthony’s wiener or Brett Favre’s little Brett, I don’t think many women want to see obese or old men coming out of a shower naked! What were people like Charlie Rose or Harvey Weinstein thinking? What sort of vanity or arrogance, power complex, perhaps insecurity, or sickness, caused such behavior? Boorish behavior? or Battery? Assault? Indecent exposure?

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