Saturday, June 3, 2017

Hillary Clinton Agonistes 2017

Hillary Clinton is at war. Hillary Clinton is at war with everyone except herself and perhaps her husband. She is bitter about her loss, lashing out in a state of denial. She needs to go away and fade quietly in the sunset unless she wants to become today’s Harold Stassen, who wouldn’t go away. As long as she pontificates and delves in self-delusion, the Democratic Party needs to move on but can’t. The Democrats need a constructive dialogue, not more polemics, histrionics, and recriminations. She was interviewed at a Recode Code Conference Wednesday in the highly affluent Palos Verdes, California. Speaking in Palos Verdes is illustrative of her out-of-touch campaign with the American people. Hillary boldly said “I take responsibility for every decision that I made – but that’s not why I lost.” She then blamed everyone else, except herself, for her loss to Donald Trump, starting with Donald Trump. She trashes her own supporters. She blamed the Russians, fake news, FBI Director Comey, and even the Macedonians for her lost. She dumped on the Democratic National Committee, saying that when she won the nomination, she inherited nothing from the DNC. The DNC was on the verge of insolvency, its data was mediocre to poor, non-existent, wrong. She said she got nothing from the DNC. She raised over $1 billion dollars for her campaign, but apparently wasted it. The Obama Campaign mastered data mining in 2012, but she was clueless. The DNC under Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schulz paved the road for her nomination, but no acknowledgment of their services to you. Her Wednesday interview was a Clinton compendium of fake news. She blamed President Obama for not being helpful to her campaign. She called out the New York Times for treating her personal server “like it was Pearl Harbor,” ignoring the fact that the Times and other mainstream media hammered Donald Trump seemingly non-stop. She ignored “Flyover” America full of a“ basket of deplorables.” That was her decision – not the Russians. She didn’t lost Wisconsin by 22,000 votes, Michigan by 11,000, Pennsylvania by 44,000, while barely holding onto Minnesota because of the Russians. She lost them in 2010 when the Republicans swept the Rust Belt., seizing control of almost every legislative branch and governorship. They did equally well in 2014. That Wisconsin, home of the Progressive Movement, turned conservative was a warning shot to Democrats. Her response was to ignore Wisconsin – not one campaign appearance. That was her decision – not the Russians. She blamed the loss on voter suppression. Her campaign strategy suppressed her vote in Wisconsin. She barely campaigned in Michigan. That was her decision – not the Russians. She took Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania for granted and campaign on a “I’m not Trump.” She declaimed Trump, saying “He really understands how to inflame people, how to motivate them, how to bond with them,” but she is the candidate who called the Trump voters “deplorables.” She is unable to connect with people, unlike her husband. She blamed FBI Director Comey for her loss. She should have been grateful he didn’t arrest her. She blamed sexism and misogyny for her loss, but that doesn’t explain her loss in 208 to Senator Barack Obama, an African American. She blamed the Russians for weaponizing technology with the help of the Trump Campaign to defeat her, which or may not have been the case, but she set up the server and conducted official government business on it. John Podesta fell for a phishing attack. The Trump campaign did not. The Clinton Campaign raised over a billion dollars on her campaign, but she often ignored the advice of her staff. She campaigned and hobnobbed with Hollywood celebrities, but ignored the hardworking blue collar workers of America. Hillary Clinton is delusional, remaining out of touch with reality. Thank God she’s not President.

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