Thursday, April 6, 2017

President Trump Just Sent a Message to the World: America is Back

President Trump Just sent a Message to the World President Trump passed his leadership test today. He sent a message to Assad. The use of chemical gas to kill civilians, men, women, and children is unacceptable. He sent a message to the world. Assad, Putin, Kim Hyong-Jun, Erdogan, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Iranians should heed it. The United Nations should pay attention. He sent a strong, swift message to the world. Many pondered what could be done. President Trump did not dither. He acted quickly. President trump is unpredictable. He’s the successor to President Reagan. The Air Traffic Controller cemented President Reagan’s image as a leader. They threatened to strike. He warned against it. They struck. He fired them. President Trump struck the Syrians with Tomahawks. President Obama warned Assad against using poison gas. He drew a red line in the sand. A President should never bluff unless you are prepared to carry it out. Assad used gas. President Obama erased the line in the sand. He showed the world that he was not a leader. He proved it in both the Iran and Cuba agreements. The United State will pay for the Iran agreement for years because of a weak President. President Obama fired strong military leaders, especially Generals McChrystal, Petraeus and Flynn. He Hired political hacks as national security advisors, Donilon, Rice, and Rhodes. President Trump has hired strong, decisive military leaders for his national security team. Our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines know they have a leader. President Trump is unpredictable, but decisive. Unpredictability is good. Let the enemies of the United States fear the President of the United States. None of them feared the United States under President Obama. Let the tyrants of the world understand that they are playing with fire with President Trump. Let them fear the next strike might be directed at them. Let them understand that their naked aggressions of the past eight years will not be tolerated in the Trump Administration. Let the Democrats understand that President Trump is not a puppet of Putin. The Russians claimed two days ago that Syrian airplanes struck a rebel chemical weapons plant, releasing the poisoned gas. The Russians also claimed three years ago to have received all of Syria’s biological weapons. President Obama trusted Putin. President Trump and his national security team are not na├»ve. They lashed out at Russia. President Trump is a quick learner. That too is a message to the world. The Arab leaders that fear Iran should breathe easier now. President Obama began his administration with a world apology tour in which he prostrated himself and American before global leaders. President Trump introduced himself and a renewed America to the world stage with cruise missiles. The foreign policy of appeasement is over. America is becoming great again.

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