Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Vehemence of the Democratic Attack on Representative Nunes Tells Us He is On to Something Serious About the Obama Administration Illegal Surveillance and Leaks of President Trump

The Democrats last November 8 lost the Presidency, Senate, House of Representatives, and the State Houses. They have clearly formulated their response in a 6 demands: resign, recuse, investigate, indict, impeach, and special prosecutors, all of which they demand with righteous indignation, coating a cake of rank hypocrisy. They cannot blame the November losses on themselves or the poor candidacy of Secretary Clinton. They do not understand how the clingers and deplorables in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, and almost Minnesota could desert the Democrats and vote Republican. They have yet to comprehend the flight of blue collar workers, many of whom are union members, to the Republican agenda. They didn’t respond to the Republican landslides in the 2010 and 2014 midterm elections. Those elections were warning signs for the 2016 Presidential Election. They were oblivious to their weakening party because of the presidential victories of President Obama. They argue Secretary Clinton received almost 3 million more votes in November than Donald Trump, but don’t mention Republican Congressional candidates received about 3 million more votes than Democratic Congressional candidates in November. Instead, they and the mainstream media are blaming the 2016 Election on the Russian Connection - that the Russians worked with the Trump campaign to bring down the Clinton campaign. They never explain why the Russians would prefer Trump to Clinton, who gave them the reset, authorized the Russian acquisition of 20% of the United States uranium supply, stood by when Russia invaded the Crimea, and funneled tens of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation and President Clinton. They ignore the John Podesta connection to Russia, and the $35 million to a company he was director of. They ignore his disposal of 75,000 shares of the Russian connection just prior to being named advisor to President Obama. They dump on President Trump for saying President Obama wiretapped him, which was probably an exercise of tweeting excess by President Trump. Yet they ignore the clear evidence of government surveillance of President Trump and his advisors and staff during the election and the pre-inauguration period. Surveillance is technically not the more narrow wiretapping, but electronic surveillance is just as nefarious as wiretapping. They continue to push the Russian Connection to impugn the legitimacy of the Trump Administration. Representative Devin Nunes is the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee. Representative Adam Schiff is the ranking Democratic on the Committee. Representative Schiff and Senator Schumer are leading the Democratic Jihad on the Trump Russia Connection. To date, “there is no there, there,” but if you repeat it often enough and loud enough, people will start believing it, especially the NeverTrumpers. The real scandal is the Obama Administration surveillance of Trump. If true, it will be a bigger scandal than Watergate. President Nixon was brought down by a coverup. The Obama charge involves direct action by the Obama Administration to use the security services of the federal government to spy on a political opponent. Never forget that the Obama Administration used the IRS to crush the Tea Party and suppress the conservative vote in the 2012 election. We know that the New York Times cited wiretaps in February. We know that transcripts were leaked on General Mike Flynn’s phone calls, as well as those of President Trump to the leaders of Australia and Mexico. We know that former Obama Administration official Evelyn Farkas, essentially said surveillance was under way in an interview on MSNBC a few days ago. She’s now attempting to walk back her comments. Unless he is stupid, which I doubt, President Obama’s fingerprints will not be on the IRS or surveillance scandals. If the charges are proved though, members of the Obama Administration are headed to jail. Representative Nunes told the press last week that he had seen documents showing the surveillance occurred. The response by Representative Schiff was feigned outrage, with repeated demands that Representative Nunes recuse himself. Senator Schumer echoed Representative Schiff. The two, with the support of other Democrats and the media, have daily repeated the recusal demand. They’re scared that Representative Nunes’ charges might lead to solid information of high crimes and misdemeanors in the Obama Administration. They don’t want the surveillance reality to detract from their Russian Connection narrative. They can’t attack the message, so they are dumping on the messenger, with excessive vehemence. Representative Nunes’ response is that the investigation is ‘moving forward.”

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