Monday, February 20, 2017

Did You Know Today Was "Not My President Day"?

Today is President’s Day, a holiday when we celebrate one of our greatest Presidents, George Washington. Then it became resident’s Day to celebrate both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln., and then perchance all our Presidents. But not to those who have celebrated today “He’s Not My President” Day. Today was to be an organized, nationwide “He’s Not My President Day.’ They turned out in New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Los Angeles, as well as Ann Arbor, Atlanta, Augusta, Maine, Austin, Baltimore, Concord, New Hampshire, Dallas, Denver, Gainesville, Grand Rapids, Greensboro, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Missouri, Marquette, Michigan, Nashville, New Paltz, New York, Pasadena, Portland, Rapid City, Salt Lake City, San Diego, and Santa Barbara. They even showed up in Anaheim, near The Happiest Place on Earth. They were inflamed, energized, dedicated, intense. They marched, rallied, protested, demonstrated. They chanted and screamed. They held up signs: “Not My President” “Nyet My President” “Never My President” “Not My Values, Not My President” “Not My Cheeto” “Resist” “Revolt” “Impeach” “Trump is Treason” “Treason” “Dump Trump” “The Art of the Liar” “Impeach the Liar” “Impeach Trump and His Posse” “You Can’t Fix Stupid, But You Can Impeach” “Flush the Dump” “Arrest” “Uphold the Constitution Now” “We Are the People” “Repair and Replace Trump” “Trump is Brutal” “Orange Fever” “Uphold the Constitution” “Love Trumps Hate” “Just Say No to Fascist Pigs” “No, Refuse to Accept a Fascist America” “No Human is Illegal” “No Ban, No War” “History is Watching” “Happy President’s Day I Hope It’s Not Our Last One’ Two of the classier signs were: “Smart People Hate You” and “F U Trump” Yes, they were enthusiastic, boisterous, energized. But the sounds of silence were deafening. All that was missing were people. Not the millions of the Women’s March after the Trump Inauguration. Not hundreds of thousands. Not tens of thousands. Two dozen in Miami 200 in Salt Lake City Probably no more than 25,000 nationally, if that. The celebrities were missing. The unions were missing. The Democratic politicians were missing. BLM was missing. No mention of Hillary Clinton during the “Not My President Day” rallies. President Trump’s rally in Melbourne, Florida two nights ago drew 9,000. Here’s my personal view on “He’s Not My President.” President Obama was President for 8 years. President Obama was never my President – not even for a day. But he was our President. President Obama was America’s President. The United States only has one President at a time. I always recognized President Obama as America’s President. President Trump is both my President and our President. President Trump is America’s President.

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