Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Look at the Blue/Red Map to Understand the Trump Victory

Check the Blue/Red map to Explain Donald Trump’s Epic Victory A look at the Red/Blue map explains the Trump Victory. The country is solidly red between the Alleghenies and the Sierras except for a few large cities and some progressive college towns, such as Ann Arbor, Michigan and Madison, Wisconsin. Flyover Country, the home of Hillary’s “deplorables”and "irredeemables," the Heartland of America, the Rust Belt, rebelled against the elitism and statism of New York City, the District of Columbia, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and Los Angeles. Flyover Country may enjoy Hollywood movies, but they are repelled by Hollywood values. Secretary Clinton surrounded herself with celebrities in the final days of the campaign rather than hard working Americans. The Democratic Party was reduced to the Northeast and the Pacific Coast along with Nevada, Colorado, Illinois, and Minnesota. Even in these states the rural counties are painted red. The Heartland reflects the Spirit of America and traditional values. America voted for Hope and Change eight years ago, but the change they got was not the change they wanted. They got high taxes, excessive regulation, and transfer payments. The hard workers are tired of subsidizing the non-workers as they see their jobs disappearing. They got contempt by the Obamanistas, media, and academics. The War on Coal, stalling the Keystone Pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline, and fighting fracking, cost Americans jobs in the Heartland. The coal miners of America did not like the Obama-Clinton “change” of being told by Secretary Clinton that she would put the coal industry out of business, but give the miners welfare benefits to survive. The blue mining counties of Ohio and Pennsylvania turned red on Tuesday. The progressive state of Wisconsin is becoming a solid blue state. The unemployed textile workers in the South do not appreciate free trade. A large factor in Tuesday’s vote was the Supreme Court. Mid-America does not like the Supreme Court legislating on social issues and traditional family values. I have been supportive of gay marriage, but cautioned against doing it through judicial legislation to which there has been an elector backlash Tuesday. The coastal elites don’t understand the Heartland. The silent majority does not demonstrate, riot, loot, or protest. They don’t burn the American Flag. The silent majority spoke at the ballot box yesterday. They seethed until Tuesday. The anti-Clinton vote was not based on racism, sexism, homophobia. It was not caused by FBI Director James Comey or WikiLeaks. It was based on ObamaCare, excessive federal regulation, feeble reactions to terrorist attacks on the police, the breakdown of law and order, the attacks on religion, especially Christianity and Judaism, the diminution of the military, the Iran deal, a failed, feckless foreign policy, corruption in the government, VA incompetence, attacks on gun ownership, a collapsing education system, Open Borders, media bias and contempt, the endless lies – all of the above as a package. The American worker was forgotten by the bi-coastal elites. The people wanted leadership. Donald Trump presented leadership throughout the election cycle. He did not back down. Secretary Clinton was a corrupt, highly flawed candidate who offered more of the same, more of the Obama failures. Americans said No More on Tuesday Their voice was loud. It was individually quiet, but collectively the people found their voice. The warning signs were ignored by the political leaders of both parties. Middle America reacted to the first two years of the Obama Administration by unleashing a blood red tsunami in the 2010 midterm elections. The Republican tidal wave swept through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. The Republicans ended up controlling most State Houses with governorships and legislative houses in the Midwest. Both parties tried to suppress the Tea Parties, the Democrats more viciously through the IRS. Donald Trump, a lapsed liberal Democrats, ran as a Republican with no ties to the GOP leadership. Senator Bernie Sanders reaped 45% of the Democratic primary vote, but had no chance of winning the nomination because of a rigged process. The Washington, D.C. Establishment did not understand the Tea Party, Trump, or Bernie. They did not listen. They could understand the gender gap but not the Enthusiasm Gap. The forgotten Americans went back to work today, quietly.

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