Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Democratic National Committee Bus Sewage Discharge Exemplifies This Year's Presidential Campaign

Workers at the O’Reilly Auto Parts store at 525 Grayson Highway, Lawrenceville, Georgia yesterday noticed a bus dumping human waste (sewage) onto the roadway and into a sewer. Toilet paper was in the foul smelling The hazardous wastes were cleaned by a Gwinnett County Haz Mat Team. The bus was a Democratic National Campaign bus in Georgia. The Democrats are normally for cleaning the environment, not polluting it. The DNC spinned it today. They couldn’t deny it. The store manager took photos of the bus. The big signs on the bus said: “ Stronger Together” “I’m with her” How do you spin dumping raw sewage into a storm drain? The DNC said it was “an honest mistake.” The driver noticed the sewage tank was full and leaking. The driver was concerned that continuing would put other drivers on the road at risk. It’s a criminal act, referred to the Georgia Environmental Protection Department. This year’s election is figuratively and literally in the gutter. This year’s campaign is in the gutter. Here are issues that the American people are deciding for the future: Benghazi Budget Deficit Campaign Financing China Civil Rights Climate Change Clinton Foundation College Tuition Drugs Energy Entitlements Environment Family Values Guns Immigration Inequality Infrastructure Iran Keystone Pipeline Medicare Medicaid Middle Class MidEast Minimum East ObamaCare Police Religious Rights and Freedom Reproductive Rights Russia Social Security Supreme Court Syria Taxation Terrorism Voting Rights Women’s Rights Not Donald Trump’s sex life and misogynist remarks Not Bill Clinton’s rapacious behavior The past two weeks have been about a 12 year old tape. Sex sells Salacious attracts attention – not so much the real issues The issues facing America’s future are not Donald or Bill’s sex life. Donald Trump had warned earlier in the campaign that if the Clintons made an issue of his morals, then he would respond with Bill Clinton’s. The Clintons did not raise his past, but an accommodating media did. The Clinton Campaign jumped on board. Donald Trump fulfilled his threat. He pulled the Clintons into the gutter with him. The media started it. The sewage truck exemplifies it.

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