Friday, February 19, 2016

Howard Beale (Network) Meet Donald Trump the Apprentice

Howard Beale (Network) Meet Donald Trump Finally, the Donald Trump Phenomenon makes sense. How such a walking, talking contradiction could get so much traction was seemingly inexplicable. The vitriolic bankrupt should be booed off the stage with a loud chorus of “You’re fired!” He’s certainly not a paragon of virtue. And then the epiphany! The 1976 Oscar winning movie Network. Peter Finch put in an emotion-filled rant as Howard Beale, a disillusioned broadcaster. Finally he blew: “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.” The American people during the Bicentennial said “I’m Mad as Hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.” Peter Finch posthumously won the Oscar for Best Actor. He was so emotionally wound up he died of a heart attack shortly after filming the movie. The American people, conservative and liberal, young and old, Caucasian and non-Caucasian, male and female, white collar and blue collar are “Mad as Hell” today. They see the American Dream failing. They see a stagnant economy. The students see piles of debt with diminished employment prospects. They see a declining, seemingly impotent America with America’s enemies taunting us. They see political correctness freezing thought. They see waves of immigrants crossing the southern border. Too many Americans discovered with ObamaCare that they could neither keep their doctor or health insurer. They see their hard-earned income being taxed to support non-functioning government. They receive no loyalty from employers. They see a government which cannot even take care of its veterans, much less its roads. They see the police being trashed, often by a criminal class. They know the President prefers to golf and vacation rather than govern. They don’t see leadership in the President or Congress. Americans are alienated from government. They voted eight years ago for Hope and Change. They got change, but lost hope. President Obama gets most of the blame for his feckless foreign policy. There’s enough blame to go around though. Republicans, having achieved control of Congress, seemingly caved to President Obama on almost everything. Americans no longer trust (career) politicians. Americans want leadership. They want leaders. Hell, America needs leaders. America is Mad as Hell and won’t take it any more. Hence, Donald Trump. Like him or not, he’s a straight shooter – no hallowed shibboleths, no sacred cows, no political correctness with The Donald. They see a fighter and a success. He’s a breath of fresh air in the miasma of the political swamp. Donald Trump is definitely not politically correct. He also cannot be bought or corrupted by the political class. Some seek salvation in the Independent Socialist Senator Sanders. More seek salvation in Donald Trump. They see hope in Donald Trump. They see no hope in the ruling class. America is still in the blind, infatuation stage with Donald Trump.

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