Thursday, December 17, 2015

How Many Do-Overs Does President Obama Get on Islamic Terrorism?

How Many Redos Does President Obama Get On ISIS Terrorism? President Obama is on a Do-Over Tour of the Pentagon and CIA this week. He’s trying to convince the American public that he has a handle on Islamic Terrorism, a subject he dares not mention in public. He said ISIS was contained the day before the Paris attacks. He gave a speech in Paris a few days after the Paris attacks in which he said nothing. He and his Cabinet officials said America was safe, followed by the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino. He followed those attacks by a speech in which he laid out his plans for fighting terrorism. It was Stay the Course because we are winning. That’s in essence what he said because he added nothing new to the dialogue. I’ve been out of the country for a week with intermittent internet access. I return and it’s still Stay the Course because ISIS is losing. He spoke at the Pentagon, a place he rarely visits, on Monday to show his leadership in the terrorism crisis. He said Stay the Course because ISIS is losing ground. He says the Air Force is dropping more bombs than ever on ISIS (I know he calls is ISIL), which is not saying much. The Air Force says it is running out of bombs. He will soon visit the CIA, another place frequented by his absence, to say Stay the Course. He announced today that he will visit the survivors in San Bernardino to empathize with them, to share n their grief, and to Stay the Course. Democratic politicians are getting scared. They are scared that they will not even be able to defeat Donald Trump next November. The President, their President, is hanging them out to dry. He hates talking about terrorism or ISIS. It shows, because there is no passion in these appearances. Passion? That’s for gun control. Passion? That’s for immigration reform. Passion? That’s for ObamaCare. No passion for the fight on Islamic Terror. That is a distraction to him. It sidetracks him from the issues he’s passionate about. It’s a nuisance because he does not, deep down, recognize Islamic Terror because Islam, at least the Islam he grew up with, is a religion of peace. Thus, these murderers are not terrorists, much less Islamic Terrorists. It does not exists. They may cry out Allahu Akbar as they blow themselves up and kill others, but they are not speaking for Islam. Or, at least, the President does not hear them. The world hears Allahu Akbar, but the President hears the sounds of silence. He is tone deaf. They are not crying out “Jesus is Great!” They are not crying out “For the Greater Glory of God.” They are crying out Allahu Akbar. But the President believes they are not true Muslims. He says ISIS is losing ground in Iraq. It continues to gain members. He says our allies are beating ISIS back. He says we are winning. He says Stay the Course. To be truthful, President Obama never said Stay the Course. He never said anything of substance. He believes the problem is one of message. Therefore, he is out campaigning for Stay the Course. He still believes in the power of his voice, The more he campaigned for ObamaCare 5 years ago, the more unpopular it became. As President Lincoln said: “He can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” The American people are smart. President Obama is barely fooling some of the American people some of the time. He should apologize in San Bernardino to the families because his Department of Homeland Security’s express policy was not to check social media for statements of visa applicants, while turning around and having him and the Administration spokespersons say the Syrian immigrants are fully vetted before being allowed to enter the United States. If the President were serious about fighting terrorism, he would can Susan Rice, a neophyte in security, as his National Security Advisor and Ben Rhodes, previously a political hack, as his Deputy National Security Advisor, as was Tom Donilon, his previous National Security Advisor. If the President were serious about fighting terrorism and ISIS, he would stop micromanaging the war and take the lawyers out of the picture. If the President were serious about the War on Islamic Terror, he would release the military on them. If the President were serious about the War On Islamic Terror, he would stop appeasing Iran. He won’t. What are the odds that while President Obama is out in California meeting with the families that he will not also be in California raising campaign contributions and playing golf? What are the odds that the Democrats will seek to duck and cover? How many do-overs does President Obama get on Islamic Terrorism? Not enough.

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