Monday, October 26, 2015

Happy Birthday, Hillary

Happy Birthday Hillary Hillary Clinton turned 68 today. Happy Birthday! Oh what a Happy Birthday it is. And oh, what gifts she ha sreceived! What a wonderful month leading up to the Birthday, or as it is commonly called, Hillary’s coronation as the Democratic Nominee, even before any votes have been cast. The voter’s voice will be irrelevant until November 2016. Vice President Joe Biden bowed out without ever entering. The Vice President may be a gaffe a minute, but he’s genuine. He would have made it an interesting race and made Hillary a better candidate. Former Senators Jim Webb and Lincoln Chaffee also bowed out of the race, but they too were never in it. That leaves Senator Bernie Sanders, who may still give Hillary a race. Governor O’Malley remains where he has been for the past year, nowhere. The second gift was Senator Sanders turning the Democratic “Debate” into a love fest in Law Vegas on October 13. The third gift was the media anointing Hillary as the winner of the Benghazi Hearings even though it was clear she lied to the American people about Benghazi for political purposes. Let us not though detract from her birthday joy by pointing out she is a mendacious prevaricator. The fourth gift came from President Obama on October 11 in a 60 Minute Interview when he commended on Hillary’s email problems: “I don’t think it is a national security problem,” adding “This is not a situation in which America’s national security was endangered.” He not only prejudged the FBI investigation, without the facts, but he may have obstructed justice. No that that was every any doubt, but he demonstrated his is an overtly politicized Department of Justice. The fifth present was a gold necklace Katy Perry presented to Hillary in Iowa on Sunday. It said “POTUS.” Katy represents the entertainment industry, which adored her husband. They saw Bill Clinton as one of them, a successful entertainer. The sixth gift is from a pro-Hillary Super Pac, Correct the Record, which is undertaking a $1 million campaign to make her likable to the American people. It’s called “Let’s talk Hillary.” It will take more than a million dollars, but it’s a good starter gift. The seventh present is from her husband Bill, who has managed so far to keep his libido out of the news. Happy Birthday, Hillary. We can now sing Happy Birthday to you without a copyright infringement. Two more years and you can max out your social security benefits.

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